Two Dogs and One Poodle butt naked in an alley together – this time BP caught them!


Nassau, Bahamas — If Sir Etienne Dupuch were alive today he would ask his daughter to take a close look at what gutter toilet trash she has brought his morning daily to.

Bahamas Press wonders if Eileen Carron is just that nasty, or if she fails to care anymore about the nastiness her gutter piece of you_know_what has come to these days. Unlike most papers to defend truth and relish the future as a defender of the people, she too like most leaders in this country has gone for rogue with TOILET PAPER now seen as the defender of every criminal mind operating in the city.

Yesterday the soiled piece of trash, which is used best to carry stink fish [The Tribune], decided to cover commentary from Ezra Russell, the Cat Islander who was arrested by police following the disappearance of a German man.

In a report on Wednesday, Tribune reporter Allison Lowe, decided to stoop lower with the accused, who now claim he is suing police for being locked away for four days. You would remember The Tribune promoted for weeks how Russell intends to run for the Cat Island Constituency and unseat the PLP incumbent. WHAT A DREAM!

Now let’s put this into perspective. Here is a man who was questioned for murder and held by police – though not charge. Here is man whose family never paid a dime to the Sea Hauler victims, however, he wants to go to Parliament to represent people? WELL MURDERER!!! [As the Jamaicans would say].

The toilet paper’s article further went on to say he seeks to challenge the current Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador’s “Quiet Storm” Philip ‘Brave’ Davis in the process. The rag sheet further charged – though never quoting Ezra – that he believes the DECENT Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP has something to do with his police arrest.

Boy, ‘Da SNITCH’ doesn’t give up ‘nah’! Only someone with a mind bold enough to “INITIATE” THEFT/EXTORTION from Hollywood actor, John Travolta, could have come to such a ‘VICKED’ conclusion. Wilchcombe has such bad luck these days that when you Google his name almost one thousand photos of the Travolta family show up.

That aside, both the Tribune’s publisher and Ezra should note last time we checked Tommy Turnquest was still minister of national security, and the FNM was still in charge of the police NOT BRAVE Davis – at least not yet! And the last time we read the Tribune, Ezra Russell was to speak for the FNM not the PLP.

However, from the article on Wednesday, whenever it is convenient for them and their cockeyed masters, Ezra is speaking for the FNM and is about to appear on an FNM stage. Then, when he was questioned for murder he’s a “Former PLP general”, and then days later he is running against a PLP. Boy, the Tribune all mix-up like conch salad. We expect no better from persons with such a ‘VICKED’ agenda.

Bahamas Press warns readers of toilet paper to be careful when reading that soiled rag sheet. News in the Bahamas today is peppered with a dose of Papa’s ingredients. For the past few months now since ‘Brave’ landed to the number 2 post in the PLP and delivered Elizabeth in back into the hands of his strengthened Party, Papa, Ezra, Eileen and Da Snitch have not recovered.They all together like conch have been boil up a pot for Brave and we know why.

Readers should also note carefully the kinds of persons the Tribune continues to protect; Da Snitch [Obie Wilchcome] and Ezra Russell [The man accused of murder and one the Sea Hauler victims know best]. Look at the DOGS that woman in the Tribune sleeping with these days.

The saying is true; when ya play with puppy ya wake up with flees.