Two more die this afternoon as a drug war erupts in the TCI – BRITISH GOVERNMENT MUST HELP!!!


TCI violence descending quickly as crime war erupts like a Ukraine Invasion!

Two more John Doe – victims of murder on TCI.

TCI, Provo| More shots are being fired in the community Wheeland, Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands where some tell BP a dangerous street war among criminal gangs has broken out.

BP is learning a body is on the ground. No identity of the victim is in. Serious fear and distress have now descended on residents who are calling on the British to send in the Military and exercise LOCKDOWN Powers in the community.

BP has now moved in teams to monitor the violence. 

And as this unfolded two new homicides occurred in Provo. That’s four for the day so far. We also know there is a shootout at the South Dock. Nothing confirmed with victims but BP is urging residents in the TCI to lock themselves down until help arrives on the island.

We report yinner decide!