Two murders in less then 10 hours apart pushing the murder count to 83


Narrio Peterson born May 19th , 1980 died December 19th,  2009 1<<< Nassau’s 82nd murdered victim on Milton Street, Narrio Peterson, born-May-19th-1980-died December 19th, 2009. [29 years old.] Photo supplied by Rodney Moncur.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is reporting the murder count in the country has ballooned once again to unprecedented levels.

Last night around 5PM a man through Milton Street was shot multiple times in his upper body. Eyewitnesses say a man driving a black Honda drove up to some men in the area and opened fire hitting one man. The victim was rushed to the hospital but died later.

Then again around 2AM this morning, police were called to a scene on Brougham Street where a woman and man were stabbed multiple times. The couple we are told were approached by another man who was known to the woman. The victims were stabbed multiple times. The woman was rushed to the hospital, however, man died on the scene.

The overnight incidents pushed the murder rate to an unprecedented high of 83 with more than 20 other deaths still unclassified. 


  1. Every time I heard a siren, the only thing comes to  mind is, “who dead now?” I am tired of all the killing. Where is the love people? Why are we so angry? What’s happening to us as a Nation?

  2. People cannot get justice in this country. And so they are administering their own justice. We know this.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. @ Mediawasnt he recently before court for murder???? that beef been going on long…. Bp check ya files this last name was in the crime reports recently

      By ARTESIA DAVIS ~ Guardian Senior Reporter ~
      Homicide investigators are examining a possible link between a previous attempt on Quincy Cartwright’s life and his murder this week.
      Superintendent Elsworth Moss, the head of the Central Detective Unit, told The Nassau Guardian yesterday, “we’re looking into that [possible connection], but we’re not sure if there is a connection.”
      Moss added that a motive had not been established for the early morning attack. Moss said he was “not sure” if Cartwright had a criminal history.
      Cartwright, who also used the surname Hamilton, was killed during a home invasion at his apartment on Malcolm Road around 3:15 a.m. on August 3, police said.
      Cartwright, 30, was shot twice in the chest by intruders who entered his apartment by kicking down the front door, according to police reports.
      Cartwright survived a June 11, 2007 shooting, but Marvin Lightbourne, the person who was with him, was not so lucky. Lightbourne, who was nicknamed “Thriller”, died from a gunshot wound to the head.
      Police charged brothers Narrio Peterson, whose street name is “Pearl Eye”, Dennis “Lil D” Peterson and David Cooper-Cunningham with Lightbourne’s murder and Cartwright’s attempted murder. However, a magistrate discharged the cases against them when witnesses failed to appear to testify for a preliminary inquiry.
      According to sources, there may be a connection between Marvin Sears’ murder and Cartwright’s.
      Sears, who had served time for escape and illegal firearm charges, was killed two weeks ago on Milton Street. He was on bail for the 2007 murder of Marcus Horton. Sears had previously been tried and acquitted of the murder of a police constable near Keith’s Chicken Shack.
      The Nassau Guardian Thursday, August 6, 2009

  4. The murdered victim is now confirmed by ZNS News as 29 year old Narrio Peterson.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

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