Two murders tonight with one following a big WOMAN row!


Two victims in over night murders.
Two victims in over night murders.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is following a rough night for police as we can report we have two more murders recorded.

In the first incident in the Ridgeland Park West community, police arrived where three victims were shot with one male victim fatally. That male has been identified as Sekeno Gregory Collie DOB 2 5 81 of Maple Street Pinewood Gardens.

We can report that after a jitney driver got word that his female Jamaica lover was with the victim the angry lover showed up. Before you knew it a gun was drawn and bullets were flying.

In the end the first victim was dead and two women shot. The suspect fled hauling ass deep into the bushes of Carmichael Road. Some say he has no documents to be in the Bahamas; must less a [A-21] bus driver. But who gives a damn these days. Police though caught the suspect deep into the bushes off Carmichael Road. This was good.

Then just after that incident police found themselves back in the Yellow Elder Community where they found themselves at the scene of another fatal shooting. That victim is and the male identified as Arnord Paul Green DOB 11 1 73 of Melvern Road Yellow Elder Gardens. He was gunned down inside an establishment.

Bahamas Press offers our prayers to the victim’s, but once again, we remind the people as we reported this week that when we published the car with the writing “Leave My Woman Alone” that people must respect the lives of others.

We report yinner decide.