Two senior pilots of the RBDF resigned more than a year ago but still cannot get their benefits from the government! RBDF AIR BRANCH IN TROUBLE!


Marvin Dames is now meeting with two pilot senior officers of the RBDF…

NASSAU| Breaking news coming into BP at this hour confirms two senior pilots of the RBDF tendered their resignations from the Force but are being denied the right to disengage from the service.

All hell is breaking loose at the RBDF as the leadership structure has collapsed following the departure and leave of top officers.

BP can confirm right now Senior Lt. Greer Martin and Lt. Marcellinus Rolle both tendered their resignations from the RBDF in August 2018 – last year.

But today, more than one year later, they are being denied the right to leave and carry on with their lives like all members have the legal right to do.

The organization continues to show its systemic failures as the HIGH COMMAND DID NOT make provisions for such skillful pilots, and those who are now there are not fully trained for pilot command.

Only Bahamas Press can tell you that the individual, who supposedly is in charge of the Air Branch, is not properly qualified to fly himself! What in da hell is dis?!

It cannot be denied that both officers seeking to move on with their lives have been denied their benefits and gratuities upon retirement! The failure of the RBDF to compensate them accordingly has affected both men personally, as well as their families!

Martin and Rolle are decent married officers but their rights and status with the organization are in limbo! What is this?!

Only BP can tell you many attempts [failed promises] to resolve this issue have not gone anywhere!

Both Martin and Rolle have delivered some 30 years of impeccable service to the Bahamian people via the RBDF! Pay the men!

We report yinner decide!