Undocumented Jamaican partner is suspect in murder of pregnant woman last night


Nassau, Bahamas — We are numb, overwhelmed with grief and anger tonight as more blood is running down the streets of the capital, where a third woman in six days becomes the slaughtered by the hands of the Rwandan Style Killers now rumoring the streets in the country.

We can confirm another woman, nine months with child in her late 20s, was shot dead last night in the area of Prince Charles Drive and Sea Breeze Lane.

As BP combed the crime scene we can tell you, something is terribly wrong with the story of woman’s partner.

The man reporting the information to the police is an UNDOCUMENTED Jamaican national, who is said to have relations with the deceased. He contends the woman was shot by men in a drive by, but is this true? Evidence supporting the report does not add up and investigators have little to go on, and here’s what we know.

From our initial reports, the undocumented male friend is a security officer at the site where the incident occurred. We can also tell you; from information passed on to authorities, the woman’s 14 year-old son was in a car nearby eating food in a vehicle. He has left the scene and is said to have fled the crime scene. Nothing is adding up to the story being presented.

From our EMS report the victim sustained gunshots to the face and neck and died instantly. The man who will be held for questioning tonight in this latest crime has no known address and the name given to police is still not confirmed to be true and correct. He has no id confirming who he is, or where in the country he resides. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? No address, no name and you at a crime scene? NOW WAIT! We could smell the dry conch of Potter’s Cay all over this one.

Posted on the facebook page of political activist, Rodney Moncur, where the story was first reported, Christine Fields wrote, “My God not another woman with child killed, what is going on! Curfew and Martial law is needed in this lawless land of ours. Why should the people of the Bahamas have to live in fear for their lives. Bring in whatever it takes to stop this foolishness.”

Just last month, in the bloodiest month for the year, two pregnant women were executed in a home just off Carmichael Road. The murder was a revenge killing on the family of a man who was arraigned for a murder nearby a Haitian village only weeks earlier.

And while women are being axed, diced, maimed and shot dead all over the country in an explosion of criminal activity, we can confirm the courts are set to release some 11 persons convicted of murder back into the society.

Both Hubert Ingraham and Tommy Turnquest suggest persons murdered are all criminals and are known to each other. The pair seems paralyzed to get a grip on the crime problem where almost 400 persons have been massacred by the hand of some killer under their watch.

The murder count in the capital has climbed by two [94] in what will likely reach triple digits for the first time in the country’s history by the end of the year.


  1. please understand, The devil knows that he has but a short space and time to do what he has to do, when God ask satan where you’ve been he said boldly walking to and fro the earth. He’s entering the hearts and minds of people to kill steal and destroy. Don’t you understand that satan is setting up his kingdom to detour people from serving and trusting god/ he’s setting up number house on every street and every corner and the number house is own by some folks who supposed to be men of God, Pastors falling and fooling around with baby girls! so with that said you pray to the God of life to keep the enemy from destroying and stealing your life. I wonder if the Bahamas has now get to the place where God says don’t pray for them because I won’t hear you, Or has he put a cloud between us and him that he don’t see us our he just allow the devil to reap havoc on this place.

  2. Until all the Executioners stop executing, the murder rate will continue to go up…..all you people do is don’t get caught up in no funny business. Cause ain’t nothing Tommy or Hubert could do……No Political party can change the rate of executions. P.U.S.H. everyday……………..




  3. If I could remember correctly, it was during the PLP reign,when it was said the criminals deserve
    a second chance in society. Another thing, we do not manufacturer guns in the Bahamas, who are bringing them in? We are quick to blame the government, but we need to blame ourselves.

  4. @Kim Sands, concerning the matter of the 17 yr old that was killed in Exuma Last week, I was outside my home in Exuma and I am not taking up for anyone here but the Police in Exuma is tryna to kill or cause someone of the alleged assailant family to be killed, I was outside and I saw Sup. Evans of the RBPF in Exuma along with another officer and 4 men who are apparently friends of the victims armed with cutlass and knives go tthe home of the Alleged Assailant Mother, I have never seen anythign like this, where in This Bahamas can the police take vigilante members to teh Assailants’ parents home. Armed with Cutlass and Knives. The Police brought the men to this woman house. She knows what her son is accused of is no joke. But what right does SUp. Evans have to carry armed men to that woman house.

    • Say what Crystal? I have never heard anything like this before, this must be a new procedure aye? Anyway, these days nothing surprises me anymore. While I have no mercy or sympathy for murderers and especially one who would take the life of a 17yr old girl, I really don’t feel their families deserve to be going through such terrifying experience as the one you described. I hope they reported the matter to persons higher up on the police force. The police shouldn’t be encouraging vigilante justice, this practice is only creating more criminals and causing more problems. I admit, what happened to that young girl is very disturbing and I could understand why people might want to take matters into their own hands, but this is not the way to go. The police need to handle this situation the right way. They should be focusing on doing a proper investigation and building an airtight case against this young man, so whenever he is brought before the court, the court would have sufficient evidence to convict him. Don’t care how we feel about our justice system, everybody is entitled to a fair trial.

  5. voodoo is blind people! they don’t see things the way it is, FNM ain’t serious about this crime problem, they say crime is not out off control, yeah! and obama is my daddy!! there is about twenty two or so, MP’s IN THE FNM, what to do is line up all of them, shoot down half! and watch how the other half will grab crime and run with it!! it take a man who the bahamians reject to put a plan forward! what a shame!! on the FNM!!

  6. The problem stem from men not been in the homes. Most of society’s maladies can be trace back to this common denominator.The affirmation that suppose to be coming from Daddy now comes from the streets.In traditional societies there was some test a boy had to pass to be label as a man. The test is now giving on the streets and it always involves violence. I grew up on the streets and the barge of honor was when you were talked about in terms of “how bad you were. Language like, boy that nigga crazy, he so stupid, don’t test him.Violence gains respect on the streets. Politicians can’t solve the problem, only Daddys could.

    • I agree…..Eddie…it starts at home with two caring parents. Loving family support. ( Who’s ur daddy?? As they say in Indiana.)

      • And men and women showing respect to one another. End domestic violence. Show children two caring parents even if not together. To teach love and other options in dealing with problems instead of horrific murders.

  7. If any FNM politician come around my doorstep to ask me bout who I voting for, he or she will be wearing a hotfkingrits hat, to go with their hotfkingrits shirt. They have plunged this country in the muk of crime.

    How a dam illegal jamaican get a ******** security job like that.

    This country playing with dam gas-fire. This slackness out of control.

  8. Mr. Hubert Ingram and Tommy Turnquest I really don’t know if you understand the seriousness of these killings. It’s not just men or women, it is now men, women and children. As said before killing is killing it is not wright being tug or saint it’s still class as murder. Do it really need to hit your home before we get a grip of things? We all know by then it would be too late. Remember we are a tourist destination and this will cramp us in the market if we don’t watch out.

    With the Bahamas being so close to America the bad news will travel beyond our point, and as we know bad news travel fast, so watch out because this could effect the Bahamas in more ways than one. If I were living in another country and heard of all the killings in such a small community my thoughts would be “ hell I don’t ever what to go there” because that’s what it’s becoming hell on earth.

    I find now more than usual that people here are more angry, they are rude and more more intense. You can’t say anything to anyone without them being offended. They cuss like a manna war sailor in front of children, old folks whom ever they don’t care and most of the young women have no respect for themselves and the majority of young men are consumed with hate where does this leaves us? In hell on earth. Trust me this problem is already too far-gone.

    And the police they know everything, even more than we think they know. But what the problem is, is that they know they are out numbered by the criminals because there guns are much bigger weapons they have yet to master, along with not having enough man power to back them. This is a pot that was on the stove too long and is now rimming over. So what do you think they are doing in most cases? “Putting their tail between their two legs”.

  9. This is indeed a tragedy, my condolences to the decease family and love ones. All we can do is pray for our nation.

  10. please call the election…pls wuthless fnm govt….can.t even collect garbage…can’t fix traffic lights, can’t fix roads, can’t provide water, can’t provide electricity, can’t provide safety, can’t, can’t, can’t…but u could give


  12. The overall murder rate that occur in the Bahamas is 26 per 100,000. This is more than double the rate in East Europe and more than triple the rate in the USA. The murder rate in East Europe is 17 murders per 100,000, in the United States it is 7 or an average of 12 per 100,000 combine.

    Yet the Governments has put forward two disgraceful solutions: (1) The nation must consider that these are criminals killing criminals so turn a blind eye to the matter. (2) Blame and criticize what the PLP did in the past and criticize whatever plans they put forward in the present. This is what the FNM refers to as Proven Leadership.

    BP I listen to the AM report on the government controlled ZNS this morning and I did not hear them mentioned the decease baby. What value is the life of a baby in the womb for 9 months in this country? Is not he/she a child of God? It appears that this government is more concern with doctoring the actual murder numbers than they are with admitting that they need help dealing with this tsunami of crime wrecking our nation. Crime has no owner, but the government must be the lead agency in the fight against crime! Papa you have failed to keep your people safe! Yet you done all you can, as often as you could to protected the interest of foreigners, but you carelessly sit on the sideline and watch the streets overflow with the blood of Bahamian Men, Women, Children, and Babies, and continue to do nothing.

    In the words of BP “What I have wrote, Yinna Decide” Facts are Facts, It’s a Matter of Mistrust with the FNM! I agree “We Need Change”!!

  13. Hey everything was fine, The Guys on the streets was wacking each other, but Now The women are now being Maimed and Gun down with Their unborns>>>>>> Call in The Reinforcements….SOMETHING GONE WRONG…. “OUR SOCIETY IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE” OR BETTER YET IT IS COLLAPSING FOLKS…..QUESTION TODAY IS:ARE WE THERE YET?

      • This move mentioned above would be a win win situation at it’s best, allowing BAHAMIANS gainful employment and enabling them to serve thier country at the same time;am sure this would be welcomed by ALL true Bahamians with regards to protecting and preserving the once peaceful culture of our beloved Bahamaland enjoyed for decades before this……..Like i said before,Am just saying!!!!!

        • (FURIOUS)Just thinking about the atrocities that has engulfed our(BAHAMIANS)country in recent times is enough to just sit and cry.What about the generation after and after that one?I can go on and on but it really is too depressing when…..To all the families that had to bear the pain of losing you’re loved ones,you have my deepest sympathy and may god strengthen you in your time of bereavement.

  14. It just seems much to easy for people to get their hands on a gun. Like that, who needs to try to resolve or find alternative solutions to anything when you can just pop them and walk?
    A quick question: how is it that the undocumented male is employed while thousands of law abiding Bahamians are looking for a job everyday? I think his employer should held somewhat responsible if only for his role in this man being here. I also feel that he and those other coward males who choose to act out in such a way when they can’t get their own way should get a taste of the cat o nine tail – and not just once either – if you locked up for life get it once every year for the rest of your life – maybe some people will think twice.
    I am a little ticked off this morning because we have too many immigrants and mixed breeds here who have conflicting values and agendas that they are trying to impose on our society and it is distrupting our quality of life. We have to make changes quickly to send a message to these people that if you want to live here you have to respect our laws and by extension our people.
    My prayer is with this family, especially this young boy who had to watch his mother and unborn sibling murdered… I pray that God heals his heart and that he does not carry around anger as a result.

  15. No wonder BP keeps saying 92.. then 94. Some of these women were pregnant. No one is taking into consideration that abortion is illegal in this country and is considered murder, but to shoot a woman and her child that is almost full term they don’t want to recognize it… Sigh, with all the blood spill in this country the only thing we can do is plead the blood of Jesus over our land 🙁 I pray that the victims’ souls may rest in peace. They are being gunned down like wild animals without second thought…. It’s bad enough some children have no fathers, now they’re losing their mothers in the most sickening way!………… Christie, McCartney and Ingraham won’t understand the severity of the situation until it hits close to home. God forbid it doesn’t have to go that far for them to wake the hell up and r
    realize that capital punishment is the answer!

  16. This crime situation is beyond controlling at this point we can be up to 100 murders in less than three weeks if this pace continues. Each Political party wants to now talk about implementing all kinds of steps to curb the crime…….BUT LIKE POLITICIANS ‘ALL THEY ARE IS TALKERS’…….no matter who gains power next election, I personally believe nothing will change with the crime wave unless one of the parties has enough BALLS to contest the PRIVY COUNCIL and try to override the whole issue of the death penalty. I was very appauled to know that they overturned the death sentence of MAXO TITO the gentleman convicted of killing Donelle CONNOVER the school girl who was lured out of her home and burned stabbed and head rolled over……all this and the PRIVY COUNCIL stated that his death sentence was overturned because it was not the worst of worst crime to be sentenced to death. WHAT THEN WILL ACTUALLY WARRANT A DEATH SENTENCE????? So until the PRIVY COUNCIL is no longer the person to consult with when it comes to death penalty, IT WILL NEVER BE ENFORCED….HENCE THE CRIME WILL CONTINUE TO BE HORINDOUS!

  17. This is really out of hand, It is difficult to think that those responsible for the security for all of us is not saying anything, to impose a curfew may not be the answer, allow the Police to do their job, STOP interfering just read the reports presented to you, there is too much political involvement, is my opinion…….

  18. this was in monastery park right off prince charles by the light not sea breeze and she did have a young son on the sceen who was sceen and had blood on his shirt but was in police custody being comferted by a police officer. jus giving u the heads up

  19. how they know it a Jamaican???????? no one see nothing the same person who blaming the next the police need to check him out

  20. No man! Not again! I mean, what kind of hateful and destructive animals walking around this place? I don’t know what this woman did or didn’t do to piss this person or persons off, I hope they know they are wrong for this. There are no justification or excuses for such heinous actions. What even make this worst is the fact that she was pregnant, one would hope that would of being enough to cause them to show her and her unborn child some mercy and spare them their lives. Instead that bastard aimed for her head and neck area, he had every intention of killing this woman, if he didn‘t want to kill her, he would of shot her in her legs or arm. The government need to stop petting up these malicious animals and do something with them, they are too slack. They have time to be holding press conference the minute somebody point out what they are not doing, but when all these people getting slaughter on our streets you can’t hear a word from them. You could see they are not taking this crime situation serious. Trust me, just how we could see that, the criminals could see it too. All this blood pouring out on our street by the barrel, don’t mean anything to them. If it did, they would have at least try to enforce our laws. Look how all these undocumented persons have being allowed to run around in our country doing as they so desire, they could do anything and disappear into thin air and we wouldn’t be able to find them. Now, I am not saying this for them to go look for these persons and regularize them, because I know Brent would do that right now. The point I am making is they need to get these d*mn criminals out of this country, because it‘s dangerous to have them around. Tommy them need to do their jobs, but they don’t care. All they want is their salaries at the end of the month. You go try cut their salaries or fool around with their pay, watch how quickly they would react to that though. Bunch of jokers!

  21. I believe that a woman murdered while pregnant and both the fetus and mother expire,then it is counted as two persons having been killed.The USA is big on this.
    Should this statement hold,then several numbers must be added;we cannot let this go.
    What does Sandra Dean-Patterson,say?

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