Union On High Alert: Darkness May Follow!!



BPL union a few weeks ago.

NASSAU| BP is sounding the ALARM!! Do you hear it? The Bahamas Electrical Workers Union gave the executive management at Bahamas Power and Light, 14 good days to tighten up their SLACKNESS or face the wrath of the workers.
Well guess what? Time is up!! BP is warning The Bahamas. The only light you might have tomorrow on Independence Day is FIREWORKS. Get your candles and call the neighbour who has a generator. The electrical union is mad and its anger might plunge you into PITCH BLACKNESS in the heat of summer. WELL BLOW ME DOWN!!!
Speaking of DARKNESS, anyone seen Minnis lately? We know he is dedicated to messing up this country, but we want him to know that DARKNESS will come to his mountain top on Killarney too, if he doesn’t fix BPL and get rid of his henchman Whitney Heastie and his Freeport Militia which includes Evis Missick, the wicked and tasteless Human Resources MIS-Manager.
When Missick and Heastie aren’t twinkle toes-ing around Heastie’s office and eating lunch together, they are plotting how to upset the staff and union members. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!! Twinkle Toes-ing??? WHAT IS DIS??!!
The Freeport Cartel, sorry we meant Freeport Militia has taken over BPL and their members are the only staff that’s happy. They earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per annum for flossing around the Corporation and bragging while making a mockery of the place.
Now BP sends a warning to the Chairman. Correct this matter! Help the union!! They are the workers of the country!! Now we want to know why the chairman so quiet. Could it be that he is covering up some dirt in silence or is he quiet so no one notices him while all the mayhem is taking place?
BP says, “hmmm!!” Mr. Cut-A-Deal chairman, we are watching you!! Mama said what’s done in the dark (all puns intended), MUST come to light.
Now BP has done some foolishness back in the day, but to play around with the workers of the country who control electricity is a real BAD move. Minnis dem are so horrible at governance they cannot even figure that out. Keep these people happy or face their wrath they say. As for BP we like A/C and watching big screen TV. It dead hot outside and the lil muscles in our arms ain’t built for fanning for long periods. WHAT IS DIS??!!!
The electrical union says it received a promise from the PM and DPM to fix its issues, but never by BPL chairman or executives. WUTLESS HEASTIE and his Freeport Cartel are defying Bannister and Minnis. Why? Because Heastie has hired Boxer Minnis, the brother of the Prime Minister and Minnis can’t control him anymore?
Heastie is out of control and his PLAY DOLLY HOUSE pal Missick is right up there with him.
Heastie and his Freeport Cartel has BAHAMIAN BPL staff on remote Family Islands defecating in bushes while FOREIGN workers live high off the BPL hog shipping hundreds of thousands of dollars out of his country. This is what Minnis think about yinna!! Foreign is better!! DEFECATE IN THE BUSH Minnis say!!
Abaconians suffered the worst in the storm, but heartless BPL management are forcing them to go home to Abaco to no homes. I guess defecating in the bush ain’t enough!! Now they must live in the bush??!! VOTE DEM OUT!!!
Did you all know that Marilyn Monroe now works at BPL? We all thought she was dead, but no sah!! She works at BPL with ID and all. Marilyn Monroe’s picture was placed on an ID card by a foreign worker and no recourse came to him. He enters the BPL power plants with this ID and no one stops him because Heastie sees nothing wrong with it and his side piece … sorry we meant side kick Missick is too busy ordering lunch to cancel the ID in the system. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS!!?? Maybe he collects more than one cheque! WHO KNOWS?
Now BP intel says Bannister being responsible for BPL summoned Heastie, the union and King Rollins to his office to keep the peace and get the outstanding matters settled. Apparently Heastie and King Rollins laughed in Bannister’s face and said, “Who me?? You can’t be talking to me??!!” and then left the building like Elvis. WHAT UTTER DISRESPECT TO THE MINNISTER!!! THE BAHAMAS IS NO LONGER A REAL PLACE.
The union says Humble-less Heastie, Mayhem Missick and Rawdog Rollins have to go and BP stands with the union. We add one more name to that bunch though … MINNIS. He gats to go too!!!
Instead of Bahamians heading up the staff at the power plants and placed in supervisory positions, Heastie gives those jobs to foreigners like Aggreko, Shell, Wartsilla and the likes. FOREIGN IS BEST WITH MINNIS!! WHAT IS DIS??!!
So BP wants to know … You got your candles yet? You got your battery operated fans?? If not you better hurry cause all we see is DARKNESS ahead and our sources don’t lie.
Fix da union business or suffer its dark wrath!!
We report!! Yinner decide!!

Executive Chairman of Bahamas Power and Light Patrick Rollins and CEO Whitney Heastie. (Photo by Torrell Glinton)