PM Minnis and Sen. Mitchell

By Fred Mitchell/ Chairman of the PLP…

Prime Minister Minnis and the FNM government are being slapped by reality. They cannot deliver on the empty promises they made to the Bahamian people during the 2017 general elections campaign. So, in an act of desperation to hold on to power, Dr. Minnis is relying on political lies.

The FNM’s message to stay in power for another five years is not resonating with the Bahamian people.

The work of a highly paid foreign consultancy firm has intensified to feed the people of The Bahamas nasty and defamatory political lies. THEIR GARBAGE JUICE CAMPAIGN IS IN HIGH GEAR. The artificial sounding foreign voices on the FNM ads currently making the rounds on social media are not convincing.

The FNM campaign tricks will not work this time.

After four years in power, you would think Dr. Minnis could campaign on his dismal record. But an administration that rose to power to look after all our people has shamelessly lined the pockets of only a select few of FNM families, friends and lovers.

The Prime Minister promised that notwithstanding his betrayal of the Bahamian people over the last four years, he now claims that if Bahamians re-elect the FNM in the upcoming General Election, he would make good on his initial promise to look after the Bahamian people. Nobody is buying Minnis’ tricks this time around.

The minds of the majority of Bahamian voters are made up. They want this lousy, uncaring and inept FNM government gone.

No foreign firm can magically make Dr. Minnis appear brand new. Most Bahamians are worse off today than they were in May 2017. Dr. Minnis and the FNM have failed the Bahamian people miserably.

They must go.