Unrest in Haiti forces more of its citizens to flee! But now millions in drugs are sailing on those ships!


Police find drugs on Haitian Vessel in Bahamian waters Sunday with a street value of $6,457,500 in UK


Inagua, Bahamas – The Royal Bahamas Defence Force patrol craft, Lawrence Major, under the command of Acting Lieutenant Commander Milton Munroe apprehended a vessel with approximately forty seven (38 males, 7 females and 2 children) Haitian nationals around 8p.m.

The vessel was intercepted at approximately 284° Hog Cay Ragged Island. All migrants were transferred to Lawrence Major and transported to Nassau for further processing.

And while that occurred, on Sunday past a Special DEU and DEA unit searched a Haitian vessel at the Boat Basin in Inagua and there they discovered and seized 105 kilos or {231 lbs] of Cocaine.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s World Drug Report the dollar US dollar value for 1 gram of cocaine in the UK sells at $61.5. This means Sunday’s street value of the drugs seized by the ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE ON THAT HAITIAN VESSEL IS VALUED AT GET THIS: Six Million Four Hundred and Fifty-Seven Thousand and Five Hundred Dollars – [$6,457,5000] – in the UK!

All I ga say is this – WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS?!

We report yinner decide!