UPDATE on alleged Jitney kidnapper


Rape__by_little_prettyNassau, BahamasBahamas Press needs you – the thousands of you who read this website – to assist us in tracking down a 7A bus. The driver along with his Rwandan Style Gangsters attempted to kidnap and rape a juvenile Sunday as she was headed to Church.

Bahamas Press has more details to this crime and the tracking has led us to investigate further. We now know 7A runs through the Kemp Road area. The bus in question is painted white trimmed with blue and the numbers 78 are in its license plate.

The innocent girl was headed to Sunday worship services when the driver veered off his route and attempted to abduct the girl and take her to a desolate area. The victim, we are told, narrowly escape the moving jitney by jumping through the window and fleeing to a nearby resident seeking help.

Kidnapping we believe is a new trend now in the Bahamas as like home invasions, however, police is all tight-lipped on the matter. BP you would note, has yet to receive a single crime report since our report yesterday on this incident along with the matters coming out of Long Island involving a crooked police officer.

Bahamas Press is calling on all our partners to pull out those camera phones out and begin snapping photos of all buses fitting the description in this update. We want that driver and the bus off the streets of New Providence. We also know since this incident another young girl has gone missing with her family left pleading for the public’s assistance.


  1. thank you for what you did troy garvey. your work is paying off.as for the greezy, uneducated bus drivers, we need to take them in a public square and whip them till they piss and shi# in their already and soiled underwear.  i hate these drunken, dope smoking, child predator bus drivers.  they are scrouge!

  2. I say they should be castrated if they  rape, or even attempt to do such a horendous act on a child  ……. sick bastages

  3. All of these sick people need to be put to DEATH…NOW!!!!I am so pleased to see how Minister Bannister is taking control of this massive plague that was and still is destroying our schools,churches and entire community.It makes me feel that,the stand that I took, along with the INITY IS STRENGTH MOVEMENT was not in vain,but it is disappointing,to see that the Sexual Complaints Unit did not include some private citizens on the committee…This whole vexing problem was brought to the light and actually initiated by concerned residents,(Troy Garvey,Jah Shiloh,Rasta Daniel and Daddy Ragga)who,was not prepared to accept the status quo on these situations.While I still feel that efforts are being made,there are still some cover ups that is going on and we will not stand idly by and allow it to carry on.I am also convinced,that,there are citizens of this country who has a zero tolerance towards these heinous acts……Bahamians,I want to encourage you,to,not allow these perpetrators to get away with these unlawful practices on our little darlings…(OUR FUTURE LEADERS).

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