Using fire is nothing new to the woman accused in the murder of Ariel Lowe


Why would the closet sympathizers not speak to this heinous and vicious crime? This is Women’s Week if we remember correctly!


28-year-old Katriona Gilbert

Nassau, Bahamas — Had Bahamas Press not broke the Ariel Lowe story no one would have known what went down the hours leading up to the murder of the 21-year-old former St. Andrew’s School student.

And when BP investigative team landed on the ground of Miller’s Heights we saw this woman in photo to the left, 28-year-old, Katriona ‘Kitty’ Gilbert, making noise and screaming like a victim. She is now the accused charged before the courts in the murder of Lowe.

Everyone in the Bahamas knows the story now better than BP now, but we have more to tell. A lot more.

We were the first to tell yinner how ‘Kitty’ beat the young girl like a drum just hours before her death and recorded the incident. We posted the video online for the entire world to see to back up our claims. We also told yinner how she [‘Kitty’], the daughter of a high-ranking Defence Force Commander, put her own ‘mah’ hand in cast and sling after breaking it sometime back. But get this one….

Investigators will be happy to know that arson is not far from the records of ‘Kitty’ who has a record of doing such things. During the marriage of the ‘fire worshipper’ [Kitty], her young husband had the time of his life understanding this gal. Not because she was attracted to the same-sex and had a ton of “OTHER” gals-lovers hidden in a black book during the marriage, but the fact that he, too, almost became a fire victim of his so-called lawful wedded wife.

Just before her uphill/downhill relationship with her now estranged husband ended, ‘Kitty’ torched his vehicle before almost setting him ablaze in the home. The car was a complete loss. That was the end of that marriage and Kitty then moved on to “younger things”.

We understand that there is a audio circulating with the victim gasping for air. NO ONE WILL SHARE THAT WITH BP! WHY?

As we tell more of these stories and mysteries engulfing the lives of young Bahamians – we at Bahamas Press wonder where are the CLOSET SYMPATHIZERS who have gone mute following this act of violence deep in the gay community of the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press has heard not one loud CRY – NOT EVEN A  – “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!” from Sandra Dean Patterson following this heinous act of violence deep in the belly of the country! Where is the voice of Peace from the likes of Nicky Kelly or Candia Dames [both who love people business just like BP – but cannot touch this issue]?!

Where is Cynthia Mother Pratt on this massacre engulfing the inner city – where young women and men are getting violent with each other – yet there is not one sound on this?! How come Branville ‘DA JOKER’ McCartney – who called for castrations on such violent offenders – has yet to speak on this!? What do we do with something like this, BRAN – DA MAN? Why has the deposed former Deputy Leader of the FNM Loretta Butler-Turner is not making one sound as these developments unfold in the country with women beating and abusing women?! {BP HANDS IN THE AIR].

Well, ya know – we at BP didn’t expect to hear one word from Ellen Carron on this matter – she is still undecided on which country [HAITI OR AMERICA] she will defend! For we know she does not give a damn about Bahamians! So no love lost there.

But we ga ask this once again – where is the voice of the Christian Council on this?! They spoke to Capital Punishment, Gaming, Carnival – but nothing when an incident likes this evolves.

Boy, I tell ya – Da Closet Sympathizers!

We report yinner decide!