VAT FACTS – Make use of them!


A Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

Thank you for allowing me to say a few words to my Bahamian people. I must commend the government on simplifying everything about Valued Added Tax. What seemed to be murky waters, at first, is now turning out to be crystal clear.

The government heard the cries of many and started a brisk educational campaign to make sure all Bahamians are aware of what this form of taxation is all about.

Town meetings occurred, seminars and radio and television shows were utilized as well to educated everyone on VAT. The best, in my opinion, for the regular Bahamian is the simple “Vat Facts” that are seen on local television and heard on radio and easily accessibly in print media. Look at these closely and they will steer you right.

Everyone should be aware of what VAT is all about, thanks to our government.

Yours etc.

Renee Bethel