VAT Songs: Don’t Mind the Noise in the Market


A Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

It seems as though the airwaves are being flooded with songs by Bahamian music artists spreading negativity about the Valued Added Tax system. Many listen to the songs and allow them to influence them to no end, not only because of the catchy tunes, smart alec lyrics, but also because of the popularity of the song artist.

What the listeners to those songs don’t realize is that those artists are being PAID by those against VAT to write and sing those songs. The negativity may not necessarily be their views of the song artist.

What I continue to advise everyone around me is that VAT is going to be GOOD for The Bahamas. It will push us closer to First World Status and every First World country has a proper taxation system. I also advise people to EDUCATE themselves on VAT and do not just follow the crowd being afraid of it.

Let us move forward educated on VAT.

Yours etc.

Paul Caesar