Victimization in Education – E. P. Roberts Principal sent for reporting a lack of teachers and damages at the school

Principal for E.P. Roberts, Mr. Kendle Burrows sent home for talking with the press. Burrows was sent home for the next 7 months when he is scheduled to retire. VICTIMIZATION IN EDUCATION.

Nassau, Bahamas — The Principal at E.P. ROBERTS has been forced to take vacation leave following his announcement that there is a shortage of teachers at the primary school.

A veteran educator said, “It is sad day in the country when a teacher is victimized in the Bahamas. With all the demands with this generation, why would a government send home such a positive contributor to society? This should not be happening in the Bahamas.”

Sources tell us the Principal was called into the office of the Education Director, Lionel Sands, this morning and reprimanded for his truth telling. BP has also learnt the Principal for Yellow Elder will step in until a new principal is appointed. VICTIMIZATION IN EDUCATION!

Bahamas Press is reporting the name of the victimized principal is, Mr. Kendle Burrows.


  1. Honestly, the focus should be on the children! This principal was speaking out on their behalf and was hurt because of that. If our leaders are so concerned about the future of this country, they certainly should strive to have teachers for the students. How is a principal expected to run a school effectively, if he/she doesn’t have teachers?

    Also, the Minister is talking about results in exams. How do you get good results, if there are no teachers in the classrooms? Get it together Ministry of Education!!!

  2. I heard a talk show host say today that he could not understand why many people seem so fearful when speaking to him about issues they were experiencing at work.

    Well, I will say this,this principal is not the only one that continues to be victimized or has been victimized. This disease is embedded in our culture. Almost all government/partial governent institutions, the managers are allowed to victimize its workers and it starts from the permanent secretary to the disgusting recycled bosses who are all friends/family. If you dont believe me,talk to the employees at the College of the Bahamas, Min of Finance, Min of Social Services, BTVI and so on. See what the workers have to say about the way they have been treated for years.

    SADLY NO union leader OR political leader does/will do anything to stop it. I hope one day we Bahamians will stand up for ourselves.

  3. Most woman teachers look at their male counterparts as a problem, because real men will expose the corrupt system.

    This is design by the Colonial masters. They gave most of the females a piece of paper and told them, they now have power over the men.

    But I’ve concluded, a MBA, PHD, MASTERS etc… can not give you wisdom, True Wisdom comes from ONE Supreme Authority.
    And what I see happen in the educational system the standards of teachers and mentors is now getting back with MEN at the head.

  4. No wonder the country is in this sad state…Male teachers are lacking in our country and are needed more than ever…another bad decision especially when the educational system is in such a horrible state. God Bless the Bahamas.

  5. Someone from the two Unions of the Teachers must speak to this issue.The posturing of Union leaders of late leaves much to be desired.So what if a frustrated principal let his feelings be aired publicly?Where is the independent school board?Someone is trying to find a scapegoat and the parents of this school,s PTA must meet and discuss the issues raised.However the Govts performance over the past 4 plus years of neutralising dissension can be clearly seen in this latest travesty.

    • It’s so frustrating to see how the Bahamas is turning AGAIN leaders that run for office are quick to state the fact that once their in office there will be no victamization. But it happens time and time again and most of the time it is those same leaders that give the orders to force retirement or force people to resign. Leaders who do you think you are?? When a Principle the person who is suppose to be the head of his flock which are the Teachers & Students (Our parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, spouses and friends)is sent home for telling the truth because he’s not satisfied with the condition the school is in after being closes for two months. Bahamas Press this is why i added you to my e-mail, and i think more people need to, so we can be aware of events like this THANKS!! I leave with saying The lord don’t SLEEP neither SLUMBER it’s only a matter of time he’ll bring us out of this again and put to shame all responsible.

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