WANTED MAN Elloitt Lockhart appears on the Leadership Council of the FNM – DID HE REGISTER HIMSELF AT THE JUNE 1ST CONVENTION?!


Why would the FNM keep a WANTED MAN on its Leadership COUNCIL?

Elloitt Lockhart still on FNM Leadership Council.

NASSAU| SERIOUS questions must now be put to the leadership of the Free National Movement where a man WANTED BY POLICE has appeared on the party’s leadership Council.

The name of noted former Judge and former MP Elliot Lockhart, who has had a warrant for his arrest issued by the court, has appeared boldly on the Leadership Council of the FNM.

The former Supreme Court judge Elliot Lockhart, KC, 68, is wanted by police for fraud by false pretenses and has vanished. But we have a question for the FNM Leadership:

Who registered Mr Lockhart for the June 1st Convention?

When did Mr Lockhart register for the June 1st Convention?Are Members of the RBPF still looking for Mr Lockhart?

Does the Leadership of the FNM know where Mr Lockhart is hiding?

Mr LockHart’s name appears on the Council along with persons like Carl Bethel, Darron Cash, Sidney Collie, Hubert Ingraham, Frank Watson, Brent Symonette, Tommy Turnquest, Carl Culmer and Kevin Peter Turnquest! 

We at BP wonder if any of the names mentioned know the whereabouts of Mr Lockhart and question why any of them has failed to report his location to the Police?

Also one must question the Ethics Committee of the FNM. How could yinner allow someone wanted by the courts to sit in leadership to vet potential candidates? WHAT KINDA PARTY YINNER RUNNING AROUND HERE?!

These are not questions for BP to answer but for the leadership of the FNM, which appears to be harbouring serious persons in violation of the law in their midst. 

We ga leave it there for now and await a response. And we wonder if the PRESS SAW THIS! Watch how quiet they ga go!

We report yinner decide!