Pintard trounces Minnis 3-1 in leadership race

Michael Pintard and wife flashes victory sign at Convention.


NASSAU| Michael Pintard trounced Former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis in the Free National Movement leadership race, leaving no doubt that FNMs do not want Minnis as their leader and believe his time is over.

Pintard won 75 percent of party votes with 486 voting for Pintard and a meager 163 voters showing up for Minnis.

It had become painfully obvious in recent weeks that there was no way in hell the massively unpopular Minnis would defeat his former cabinet minister who has worked overtime to bring disenfranchised FNMs back into the fold while also embracing third party members.

Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, former FNM leader Tommy Turnquest and former FNM MPs Neko Grant, Brensil Rolle, Kenneth Russell and Alvin Smith were just a few of the political juggernauts who showed up to throw their support behind Pintard.

Perhaps seeing the embarrassment defeat that lie ahead, Minnis accused party leaders of intimidating his supporters and engaging in a flawed electoral process.

Minnis was nowhere to be seen as the results rolled in and FNM supporters cheered the re-election of their leader.

Supporters questioned how minnis planned to execute a successful comeback when he pushed many of them out during his abbreviated stint as prime minister and did little to help the party heal following its wipeout in the last general election.