Musician/educator found NOT GUILTY in 8 – 1 verdict today in the Supreme Court…


Attorney Devard Francis delivers another victory in the Supreme Court of the Bahamas!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press has breaking news out of the Supreme Court of the Bahamas which records a gospel artist and educator will be a FREE MAN after being found not guilty of a sexual offense.

Top criminal attorney Devard Francis represented the teacher who was at the time an educator at The C. R. Walker High School

BP can report Marvin Sands was found NOT GUILTY of an alleged incident of having sexual intercourse with the 16-year-old dependent on the campus. 

The incident was alleged to have occurred in May 2021. The matter was heard before Decent Madam Justice Jeanine WeechGomez. A near unanimous verdict 8 – 1 was delivered by the jury.

We report yinner decide!