Gibson’s cousin says MP went with her to close bank account



NASSAU| Rashae Gibson, the cousin and former co-defendant of Free National Movement (FNM) MP Adrian Gibson, testified that she and Gibson visited the bank together to close the account of Elite Maintenance, with documents indicating a hefty sum of $122,000 being withdrawn.

Ms. Gibson and Alexandria Mackey, the MP’s former girlfriend, were shareholders for Elite, which was awarded contracts by Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) while Gibson was executive chairman.

Ms. Gibson further elaborated that she had requested bank statements from Craig Pratt, a Scotia Bank business banking manager, dating back to the account’s opening until 2021, specifying that she would be the only person to collect them.

Gibson disclosed that she received an email from the bank, stating that the documents could be collected on July 13, 2021, which she couldn’t do due to travel commitments.

Instead, she requested the statements to be emailed to her. When questioned by Adrian Gibson’s attorney, Damian Gomez, about visiting the bank alone on July 7, 2021, Gibson refuted the claim, asserting that she was with Adrian Gibson and was even willing to produce photographic evidence to support her statement.

Another pivotal moment arose when the bank sent an email to both Gibson and Adrian Gibson’s then-girlfriend, Alexandria Mackey, inquiring about a deposit of $131,000.

Ms. Gibson, a signatory of the account, said she did not know the source of the deposit.

Gomez suggested that Gibson acted independently in closing the account and requesting statements, insinuating her motive was influenced by the deposit.

However, Ms. Gibson vehemently denied these allegations, stating that Adrian Gibson instructed her to expedite the account closure to prevent Mackey from accessing the funds.

In a bid to discredit Ms. Gibson’s testimony, Gomez asserted that she frequently withdrew funds for personal use, including rent payments, business relocation expenses, equipment purchases, and even launching a business in Abaco.

Ms. Gibson denied these accusations, emphasizing that she accepted $6,000 for a jeep purchase, but the transaction fell through because the Long Island MP did not pay the full purchase price.

Adrian Gibson and four others are on trial in the Supreme Court. The FNM MP is accused of failing to declare his interest in contracts awarded to companies by WSC. Prosecutors allege some of the funds were used to purchase vehicles and property.