Was Parliament Abruptly Suspended to Block an FNM Resignation?


Nassau, Bahamas — Well there you have it folks! The Parliament was suspended in less than an hour after opening today. Tensions are increasing deep inside the FNM as pressure by “NO COMPASSION MAN” mounts.

Rather than tabling the MOU today, Ingraham tabled the agreement with Bahamar and put the Parliament on notice that he would table the rewritten MOU with Cable & Wireless Tuesday.

Bahamas Press in an exclusive yesterday reported the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless and confirmed the MOU will be tabled today in the Parliament.

Why did Ingraham immediately suspend the Parliament though? Was it to block Bran’s resignation?

Meanwhile, in a clip below candidates to unseat Ingraham are hitting the blogs as the PLP leadership are set to head to Abaco for a second time tomorrow.


  1. Though he was considered a protege of Pindling, Ingraham grew increasingly disgruntled by the government corruption he witnessed. He found fault with both official and covert practices and grew critical of Pindling. Ingraham’s official biography noted that “in 1984, in the midst of a Commission of Inquiry into illegal drug trafficking and trans-shipment through the Bahamas and the attendant disclosures of corruption inside the government and the civil service, Mr Ingraham, as a result of his protests against that situation, was dismissed from The Bahamas Cabinet. He continued to speak out on the issue of corruption and other unsavoury practices, and was expelled from the governing party in October, 1986.” Seems like the era of LOP is not the same where can say and do whatever they like only when the chickens come home to roast it is a reflection of where the hell this came from. Guess unsavoury practices and corruptiuon is not commonplace in 2011. It is great to give thanks for this 2007 trust factor as it cleared all ambiguities away, actions speak louder than words. Wake up calls coming louder, equality and justice for all it must be.

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