We ask CBL NewCo “How could you call with a mobile product that will have no real infrastructure?”


Cable Bahamas must think Bahamians are fools?! Where is your national infrastructure and customer service offices?

NewCo cannot meets its 90-Day license agreement.
NewCo cannot meets its 90-Day license agreement.

Nassau, Bahamas – In a last minute desperate race to meet its October 1st launch, Cable Bahamas’ NewCo team decided to come out of the closet and display its junior team working on the already failed project.

Damian Blackburn, who crafted the joke that he discovered the natives, was standing out in front, shopping the lie that Cable will be able to have you call from anywhere in the country for one flat rate.

Now we have seen this playbook before and, if you don’t believe us, just take a ride out to Cable Beach and you will get your answer.

Let’s look not at what is being said by Blackburn, who presented himself as Columbus discovering the natives, but at what is not said:

1) How could CBL present a mobile service without a national infrastructure?
2) Who will customers be able to call when the devices connected to a cellphone feed off towers which presently do not exist? Cell towers must be in range across the country in order to connect cell customers!
3) Where will CBL get the funds to build such a network when its own shareholders have declined to put any more money into the project?
4) And how could the service be cheaper if right now NewCo is appealing to URCA, begging the use of BTC’s infrastructure?

So if a NewCo phone becomes available, we can see a caller in Nassau trying to reach Mama Nicki in Cat Island, screaming at the top of their voice, “Can you hear me now?”

We report yinner decide!
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