Bahamas Press Warns the WUTLESS MEDIA when coming on here, NOT Committed Bloggers!


Dear fellow bloggers, it is understood that there is much concern being raised amongst yourselves about the posting of Thomas Pratt’s IP address on this BLOG. Thomas’ address apparently is the same IP address of the WUTLESS ‘Toilet Paper’ in this country, The Tribune. It is not a private personal IP, it is the router number of the Tribune Newspaper and NOT a private citizen.

Bahamas Press has on more than one occasion, taken exception to that piece of RAG and its representatives coming on this BLOG. Repeatedly we have asked them, and other members of the WUTLESS media, to remove themselves off this website. Bahamas Press, as we said before, WISHES THEM NO GOOD! THEY ARE DECEPTIVE VOICES OF HALF TRUTHS IN THIS COUNTRY!

Now that is putting it cold and raw, but we believe that there is no other way to deal with a century old organization that has treated Bahamians in the same light! We would have not responded to them in this manner had they CHANGED THEIR WUTLESS DECEPTIVE WAYS, but we have no choice, they would not change and likewise we refuse to treat them as a publication of record.


Our exposure of the Tribune’s IP address disguised as Thomas Pratt is just the first step of us unveiling who Thomas Pratt really is, blogging on Bahamas Press. And Bahamas Press knows who he is, and WE SAY NO MORE!

Bloggers (FRIENDS AND FOE), you should have NO FEAR OF US, for we believe in the same ideals and hold the same principal you hold in this country. JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, INTEGRITY and WEEDING OUT CORRUPT AND WICKED DEALERS IN THIS LAND!

To feel that coming on here may result in us exposing you in the same light as we did the Tribune is INSANE! For we have not done it to JOE BLOW, nor Morehands, who has initiated this concern.

We know bloggers wish to speak freely and therefore we assure everyone who come on here, EXCEPT THE OFFICES OF THAT INDIVIDUAL IN THE TRIBUNE, that their anonymity is secure with us, even if they wish to cuss, LIKE MOREHANDS often does.

BUT for goodness sake, don’t have your message on this blog come from the offices of the TRIBUNE, which we can prove, or some other media organization, as it would prove to us that an ENEMY of ours is patrolling in our midst. THAT CANNOT HAPPEN, PARTICULARLY AFTER THEIR EDITORIAL LAST MONDAY AGAINST THIS BLOG! When they publicly endorsed our censure by Bahamas Information Services.



  1. Merry Christmas Bahamas Press. I enjoyed this year with you and I hope Next Year will be even better. God Bless you and God Bless The Bahamas

  2. Merry Christmas BP colleagues. May 2009 be a great year for you, your loved ones, us all and the Bahamas.

    We can do it!

  3. Merry Christmas BP family, may each and everyone of you live to enjoy many more. I would like to hear from all of you after the holidays, so please drive safe.

  4. I wish all of you more than happiness this Christmas. I wish you a year that sparkles with fresh possibilities. Merry Christmas. Drive safely!

  5. No it wasn’t the PM but I am comforted by your policices. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas to all !

  6. People, Bahamas Press is a NEW WAVE HITTING THIS COUNTRY, and perhaps some on here has not gotten it yet, But those in the WUTLESS MEDIA do.

    Bahamas Press Editor

  7. Media, thanks for making your privacy practice “clear”. I appreciate the effort and gesture. You are heading in the right direction for 2009.

  8. Well that’s good to know media, because a politician was complaining about blogs in general and said he had a way of getting bloggers’ identity. I was beginning to believe him!

  9. Thank you Media. It is comforting to know you have our back even if we don’t always agree with your stance on some things. Shows a maturity that other sites don’t have. I enjoy the repartee here. Thanks to Kim also for her continuing support and good-will. This blog would be less enjoyable wihout her comments and good sense.

  10. Media:

    you should thank the Editor for writing about this blog. Why? By talking about this blog you now have proof that this blog is and always was in the conscienceness of the media elite and the FNM.

    It would have been better for the Tribune not to write about Bahamas Press because by doing so it automatically gives you an elevated status. plus its free press so those who saw the editorial and come here out of curiosity to see what all the hubba is about is a win win for Bahamas Press. You already have a new member as a result, one Thomas Finley. lol.

    The Tribune’s brass are acknowledging that there is a new player on the media scene. Kudos to you. That editorial was the warning shot Bahama Press, the are expressing publicly what was private concern.

  11. Media when I sit down and thought about all the wicked things that Toilet Paper tried to stop democracy in this country, I don’t feel that a welcoming mat should be extended to them either. Their actions shows they are determine to stop people from being able to express themselves and God knows how I like to be able express myself. This website have given us a voice, it reminded me of Hilary Clinton, when she discovered that she had a voice, that must have been a good feeling for her. On here we have a voice and we would be a fool to allow those wutless people to take it away from us.

  12. KIM what IRKS us with that WUTLESS BUNCH at the Tribune IS THIS.

    They accused us of being PLP.

    They Tried to BLOCK our readership.

    They spewed this venom as to who is on this BLOG

    Then they talk about they agree with that TURNER GIRL for taking us off BIS news wire list?

    And in the same breathe said in their editorial they don’t come on this website and how they consign our broadcast to the garbage bin. And then, BOLD A BILLY, they attempt to send a SPY ON HERE?

    I think people forget what we said a few months ago, we said that Bahamas Press will SPARE NONE WHO COME AGAINST THIS BLOG!
    We want NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT PIECE OF ‘TOILET PAPER’ And is a deemed ENEMY OF THIS BLOG! If this site was not rated G we would have had stronger language to express our disgust with that TRASH!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  13. ..LOL…Media you say what you mean and mean what you say. You really don’t want those wutless media people roaming about in here. Even though I disagree, I could clearly see why you take this stand. They are not to be trusted!!!!

  14. Sorry Finley, no its not your IP but indeed Thomas Pratt a side impostor who sits in the Tribune. We apologize for making it out to you. It is NOW CORRECTED!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  15. We are not the same person. I realise that in the excitement “Finley” was substituted for “Pratt”. A slip of the mind only, so all is forgiven…

  16. Media, I think you mean Thomas Pratt, or are you saying Finely and Pratt are one and the same?

  17. Huh? Why you trying to stir up something this blessed holiday season? someone posted my IP address? Why, and to what end? I do not care one way or the other, but I am curious as to what it is all about.

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