Weak INDECISION ROCKS Cabinet of the Bahamas over NIB Report


We Will All Tell The Truth Soon – The New Generation Government needs to piss or get off the POT!

Algernon Cargill should be fired for insubordination – THIS EPISODE IS SETTING A BAD PRECEDENT FOR THE COUNTRY!!!!

Algernon Cargill has made the new generation government a laughing stock in front of the public, unions and public servants.

Nassau, Bahamas — While PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts comes to grips with the fact that his party now in government is bungling at every turn, sliding in the polls, rotting with delay and weak with indecision, we wonder what Mr. Roberts would say about the recent developments on the Forensic Audit Report conducted by Grant Thornton Bahamas on the National Insurance Board.

In our report today we focus on these matters, which have left Bahamas Press in a violent war of words with the New “GENERATION” PLP Government. – YEAH DEM!

Fact is since June of 2009 two senior members of the present Christie Cabinet raised concerns on the floor of the Parliament about blatant wastage and the squandering of Public Money at NIB. Bahamas Press at the time elevated the arguments and agreed with those in the then opposition that something drastic had to be done over the findings at NIB.

By January 2012, taxes via contributions levied on the backs of the working poor through NIB had risen by 100%. Bahamians then discovered – via this website – costs associated with projects funded by NIB like the Robert Smith and Adolescent Centre at Sandilands had doubled and – though still incomplete – taxpayers were still paying for supplies to the contractor. These and other incidents were clear signs of naked abuse of the public purse at the Board.

We became further troubled by the operations at NIB when we found out that, while contributions were increasing, benefits were being slashed, all while one electrical contractor connected to the Director was paid hefty fees to do simple tasks at the Board.

Some believe, for the “Selected Few”, NIB became a slush fund.

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts puzzled and shocked by the quick decline in popular support for new generation government.

Although the mighty morning dailies found Algernon Cargill and his team to rebuff much of what we reported at the time, those charged with being Watchdogs of the State [DA WUTLESS MEDIA DEM] refused to comment on the state of NIB. In fact, the Tribune in particular has yet to invite one comment from or Algernon CargillHubert Ingraham on how almost one million dollars from funds at the Board ended up being paid as bonuses to just a handful of executives. Not once did they put the question to Cargill’s lawyer, nor would they.


Since the Christie Government initiated the need for a Forensic Audit, following a scathing and damning report by the Board of NIB, we were hopeful that, based on our own investigative findings and the conclusions of the Board, finally something would be done and someone would indeed answer regarding the public abuse at NIB.

It’s been months since the completion of that report and yet, still, nothing has been done. Just like that lost report on the investigation conducted by the PLP Government in the Ministry of Tourism on Vincent Vanderpool Wallace.

Cargill is still on the handsome payroll at NIB as we speak. He is still afforded all the perks as the Board’s Director. His phone and transportation bills are still being met by the people of the Bahamas long after concerns were brought and the report has been completed.



After delivering the country on the brink of hell some senior PLPs want him to further destroy the future of Bahamians. Ingraham has yet to explain the wastage at NIB where he was Minister.

And while the Christie Administration stalls and delay, rots and sits mired in indecision about whether to fire Algernon Cargill, here comes his [Cargill’s] lawyers in the press Friday morning this past week, defying and clearly daring the Christie government to table their findings in the Parliament of the Bahamas.

Cargill lawyers claim the auditors, “who have a professional duty of fairness as finders of fact, refused to meet with our client and afford him an opportunity to be heard and rebut any material adverse to his interests.”

If Cargill’s lawyers were bright they would know the Board at NIB is who Cargill must answer to – NOT investigators directed by the Board.

And so get this: on two occasions Algernon Cargill had an opportunity to appear before the Board of NIB to answer probing concerns at the social security arm.

On both occasions, the suspended NIB Director failed to appear. In the world of corporate management that is the rankest form of insubordination and warrants immediate termination of contract. We wonder if any lawyer retained by NIB knows this? Yinner think they are that smart? Or is Cargill’s lawyers simply pulling a BIG BLUFF!

Imagine this – WE – the employer – requesting a manager to appear before his bosses [us] and he decides he is not coming. Then – lo and behold – days later he is in the newspaper [The Tribune] raising his dress, lifting his shame, pulling down his soiled underwear and telling us about our [you know what].

Could you imagine that!? This is what Algernon Cargill, through his representatives, is doing to the Christie Government!

Minister of NIB Shane Gibson must prove he is serious about cleaning up NIB! Minister must learn how to piss or get off the POT!

Bahamas Press warns the Government that if they cannot conclude a decision quickly at NIB and say to us [JOE PUBLIC] whether they will keep or sack Cargill, the Bahamian People will swiftly form a opinion on them [THE PLP Government].

This is not good.

This sets a bad example nationally on employee/worker relationships and the Unions are all watching how this plays out!

The PLP Cabinet should learn how to piss or get the hell off the pot!

No government or BOSS in the world suffers such bold, bare or bellicose abuse by an insubordinate staff member, who is employed by and whose salary PAID by you!

How it is Greg Moss, the former Chairman for NIB and a PLP MP for Marco City, could have written one letter and got fired immediately for it – YET – this Cargill character [under investigation for potential criminal charges to be filed by the office of the Attorney General] could throw mud, cuss yinner under yall clothes, threaten your government in the press and defy the orders and requests of his employers [NIB BOARD] and yet, the people who we elect to manage the affairs of the state are left debating, deliberating and pussyfooting around over what they will do with that employee after all the dung has hit the fan?!

As Papa Clown would say: “Child PLEASE!”

Hon. Greg Moss - will be dubbed a NATIONAL HERO for his detailed unearthing revelations of the scandals at NIB. He proves he gat more balls than most and could be the real future for the PLP.


Boy I tell ya! If ya don’t laugh you’ll cry!

We call on the Minister and his government to not prolong this any further. We demand that a meeting be called within 14 days of the Board at NIB requesting for a final time the presence of the suspended NIB Director to respond to the claims contained in the Million-Dollar Report! His failure to appear [AGAIN] would then warrant an immediate termination of his contract at NIB. He would have abdicated his station as a paid officer of the Board – ANSWERABLE TO HIS DIRECTORS!

We advise the Chairman of the PLP to deal with his government and show them how business is operated; because from the looks of things it appears that everyone in the PLP these days has gone LOST IN SPACE, cannot act or fire the gun.