WEMARCH tanked as Louis Bacon’s Save The Bays got caught in FAKE protest!


Expats protecting themselves but to hell with da kids! Clean Air My Foot! Another Save Da Bays FAKE PROTEST!!!

Nassau, Bahamas – The Louis Bacon Save Da Bays WeMarch event shrunk to surprisingly low numbers after the jacked-up crew failed to show a decent Bahamian crowd.

We March organization number of supporters faded terribly on Sunday, just as fast as the FNM’s chances of winning the upcoming election.

The political activist arm of the FNM had the worst turnout of their existence. It was a pitiful scene as they marched on the Cable Beach strip near Scotia Bank. What was worse was the fact that the majority were expats and some we identified were these two Peruvian maids ordered by threat to be on the march at the event. It was a FAKE Protest for all to see.

Just take a look at the photo above. Two women forced with baby in tow, masks in place while the children breathed in the claimed “Bad Air”. What yinner think is wrong with dem?

Ya see, Bacon advisors here don’t give a damn about clean air, because, if they really did, they would be on Grand Bahama near the oil tankers, marching and protesting for residents, arguing against the conditions that are not right for dem! But ‘dey’ don’t give a damn!

What was worse for us Bahamians to witness on the march was the rank display of a racist ideology with the display of symbols of anti-Semitism as they carried the flag of the NAZI Party. This was a display evil. This is sad. How could YOU be a part of such evil!

Bahamians must reject this wicked attack on our country and reject all who are a part of this FAKE Protest!

We Report Yinner Decide!