What are a brothel and bar doing in the dome community?

SCENES of the dome homes built by Minnis for Bahamians but many occupied by non-Bahamians and used as brothels.

NASSAU| The Davis Government is building new homes – free of charge – for residents who were affected by Hurricane Dorian three years ago. 

The first group of those new homes were issued on the anniversary of the third year since the hurricane, which hit Abaco and Grand Bahama hard.

Residents on Abaco are also getting assistance with home repairs across those islands by the New Day Administration, while dome residents have started the process of relocating, making way for new home construction for locals.

BP has learned some of the residents in the dome homes are not even from Abaco, and the community has decayed into an unsafe area, which now has to be patrolled to crush the criminal elements. 

BP noticed how much of the fuss over removing the dome homes has come from some who have no right to even be in the Bahamas! WHAT IS THIS?! And they have made it unsafe for law-abiding decent residents of Abaco. 

One of the occupants of the dome homes has opened a strip joint in the area where children live and play. THIS CANNOT CONTINUE!

BP welcomes the idea of the Davis Government delivering safe livable communities for the people on Abaco, while lifting the standards of sanitary living on the island.

How did a brothel and bar get into the dome community? The people of Abaco deserve a clean and safe community and we know that is what will be delivered by the Davis Government!

We report yinner decide!

BP Breaking| Mold all through the dome homes constructed by the Minnis Govenment designed to cause the death of Bahamians. What is this? The Davis Government has quickly moved to resolve this issue on Abaco affecting occupants.