When will Immigragtion  do its Job and remove Rick Jupiter out the country? When?

Rick Jupiter (Left) blasted last evening on National TV by a victim at a local hotel property in Cable Beach told by reporters on Eyewitness news.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press advised the big hotel in Cable Beach and The Department of Immigration more than one month ago to remove an Assistant Director of Rooms Rick Jupiter (a Canadian Citizen) off da job and out of the country! Yinner ain’t listen!

WELL, last evening the first of several young employees are now facing the media and the general public, telling their own stories of alledged Sexual Misconduct on property. No one listened to us so you ga listen to the victims!

Jupiter was kicked out the country before but somehow – with some deep connections – he has wiggled his ass back into The Bahamas, destroying yinner children.

How this look nah?  You gat young kids coming to a major hotel for the first time and a predator on property? What is this? And one treating Bahamians like second class citizens in dey own country! While walking up and down in da damn country like some Lord?. 

This was a first victim…More to come!

We report yinner decide!