Former St. ANDREW’S  GRADUATE fled the capital to Canada following serious child pornography claims…


Criminal on the run enters Canada…leaving his victim to suffer…

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following the story of a Bahamian former graduate of St. ANDREWS School who has circulated dangerous videos of a young underage teen.

BP understand the former student was involved with the underage child for two years before spreading nude videos of his victim wild on social media.

The graduate, who is from a well to do family in New Providence, has packed his bags and fled to Canada to evade local authorities. 

Well, BP is calling on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police high up in Canada to be on the look out for this criminal on the run. We want them to investigate that Bahamian as an international fugitive who is on the run for the serious crime of child pornography.

We want to advise our Canada friends that the suspect is sick, dangerous and would hurt even a child! He believes he can get away with it, but, hey, BP is now on this and Justice for the victim must be achieved!

We ga report and let yinner decide!