When will the FNM listen to the poor and stop sitting with these rich foreign powers


Papa back in the Capital the Cabinet says.

Nassau, Bahamas — Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham proved once again he is not for the poor, but continues to look after his rich economically cash loaded benefactors.

Yesterday, the Cabinet Office announced Prime Minister upon arriving back to the capital through the back door, sat and quickly met with oil company owners to come up to speed with the high gas situation.

According to the statement, “Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham met today with Mr. Oswald Moore, Chairman of the Margin Relief Committee of the Petroleum Retailers Association to review the state of the local petroleum sector within the context of the existing local and international economy.”

The statement added the PM gave assurances that the Government would revisit the request of the retailers for an increase in pricing margins once the present high cost of gasoline and diesel has decreased.

Now get this, if gas is now pegged as high as $5.55 per gallon, what kind of price would now be imposed on the backs of the working poor to carry the weighty tax of a needed commodity? The government gets $1.25 out of that gallon and the dealer get $0.40 on their margin. If a further increase is imposed, consumers will pay a near $6.00 for gas while the citizens in Venezuela pays $0.46 cent per gallon for the same gas! Look at the backside rape on the poor here in the Bahamas!

For weeks and days now this Toyota Windom has been parked just off the Milo Butler Highway abandoned on Fire Trail Road east. The car is being stripped by the day. A plush new highway and along its corridors are old abandoned derelict vehicles, We Can Do Better! Where is the DOEHS? Where are they?

We also note while Papa is looking after his rich powerful connected supporters, we wonder when he will find the same time and sit with the poor scrap mental dealers who for weeks cannot get paid on scrap metals? The sale of such has been band by executive order and to date no word has come from the minister of finance. He refuses to set with them, despite the fact that some 3 in every 5 homes on Grand Bahama is surviving from cleaning up the environment from these old dilapidated cars all over the streets. Meanwhile, while the poor scrap metal dealers cannot buy lunch, gas or jackmackerel, the rich and connected CASH FOR GOLD SHOPS are still cashing in on stolen Jewelery. Why didn’t the Cabinet ban those?

A few weeks ago a young girl, while shopping in Mall at Marathon was dragged almost 20 feet as a gangster who wrestled the chain off her neck and ran out of the mall as it gave way.

Papa and the FNM prove once again they have no heart for the poor.



  1. This is ridiculous with the scrap metal situation. I have invested more than $40,000 cash into a project to clean up and collect metal in a major family island and just as me and my partners were about to reap the benefits of our labour , we were shut down and our export products were banned. In essence we did the government a favor and this is the way they repay us.. I need some type of relief now. either compensate me for money spent or allow us to export our products

  2. The fnm party wil stop communicating with the rich,is went chicken grow teeth,as politician,you must include the poor also,not just the rich,the country is made up with the good the bad and ugly.

  3. To answer Ian Brown- What about the thousands of Bahamians who invested in jewelry and other gold items just in case the bad times come? The bad times are here and those legitimate and wise Bahamians who have invested in gold are now cashing in. So do not brand honest Bahamians with those person who are stealing and robbing to sell. They were and are always thieves. The Police now requires to provide proof of ownership,a Bahamas issued valid ID, power bill or water bill in your name or a signed declaration of ownership of the items for sale.

  4. This “outgoing” FNM cabinet is in gearing up for elections talk mode, only talking about what they will do for the Bahamian people, but only if reelected in 2012.
    Even Jesus didn’t have the balls of this “outgoing” FNM cabinet, to tell his followers to sit on our asses and do nothing until he gets back!

  5. The full report on the degree of the alienation of the Bahamian people by this “outgoing” FNM cabinet will be published in full detail by BP the morning after the 2012 General Elections.
    This FNM “outgoing” cabinet should have a book written about them titled; “Looking After #1 Since 2007.”

      • I agree that these guys should have ban the cash 4 gold as well, whats the difference?? NONE, they are all contributing heavely to the crime situation.At this point i dont see anything changing with the election of the PLP, therefore im going GREEN!

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