Where is Hubert Ingraham on Deveaux’s resignation?


It has been 5 days since the Minister of Environment Earl Deveaux tendered his resignation to the Ghost sitting at the helm of the country.

Five days later and the Ghost leadership running the Bahamas has yet to respond to the people as to whether Deveaux’s resignation was accepted or rejected! BP has more info. on this stay tuned!


  1. Ribbet Ingraham never says squat bout nothing bcz he’s lazy, barren of ideas, inept, too busy living a fab life, and mostly just doesn’t give a French about us or our problems.

  2. “Ghost sitting at the helm of the country.”
    Oh boy. That’s priceless. You made me LOL with that one. I couldn’t agree more.

  3. The issue is not so much the helicopter ride the main point is the $1million dollars that was given to National Trust to agree that the dredging and building of a dock would not harm the National Park. Remember people one Bahamian was locked up and charge before the courts for fishing in the same area. The principle is i give you money and helicopter trips so you are obligated to approve my proposal. This matter makes you go hmmmmmmmmmmm
    Is this a cookie bag incident? how many cookie bags we are on now?

  4. BP: Hubert Ingraham hasn’t said anything and will refuse to say or do anything about it because if he does he will implicate himself. You see he, himself, along with his wife and two grand children were allegedly on the same plane. So don’t you see that if he accepts Earl Deveaux’s resignation and admits that on a matter of principal Earl should go then he, himself, would have to resign as well. He himself was in the same “conflict of interest” bag.

  5. BP good question of the PM? I for one am not at all pleased with Minister Deveaux’s free helicopter ride, and yes the PM should have issued a statement, but I for one don’t think the PM should have Minister Deveaux’s head? All of us need to be much more careful how and when we lodge the term corrupt at any minister or government official? Seems as if this term is so quickly applied to just about anyone and anything we’re angry about. Certainly a free helicopter ride should not be compared to the long running sideshow that Bahamians were forced to watch in the whole Anna Nicole Smith mess. One thing is for certain; this debate on the free helicopter rider is being heard loud and clear, in the PM’s office, that we Bahamians have a limit to our tolerance. When others say we’re wasting our time with talking about running Independent candidates, let us all remember as we continue celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Twist, that sometimes even the experts can get it wrong, including one of the most influential psychotherapists of the 20th century who said; Chubby Checker’s song and dance was but a fade, and a fleeting one. In less than two years, it will be forgotten? Yeah, right. The FNM and PLP’s political pundits will try to convince us that there is no way Independent candidates could possibly control the balance of power come the next election in 2012? We will never know if we don’t try? An 18-year-old former chicken plucker didn’t listen to them and changed the world with his hit song and dance, and we Independent voters ain’t going listen to today’s naysayers and political pundits? We’ll shake their booties right out of the seats power. All we have to do is take our dream’s of good government to the polls, to claim the true Independent Bahamas; Lynden Oscar Pindling promised us a long time ago. Now, look at what I’ve done to myself? All the rest of the day, I’ll be humming and shaking to the tune of The Twist in my head. Try shaking your booty too. Shake your body and do the twist. Spin around and feel the heat. It’ll give you a much needed smiling feeling? Start talking Independent candidates with every one you come into contact with, and come Election Day 2012, go for a good shot at taking the balance of power in the House

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