Where is Paul Adderley? Cabinet was divided over Referendum issue sources reveal…


Christie Government already showing signs of cracks, fatigue and stress just like the National Stadium…Christie showing lack of confidence in people he appointed!


Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press now has exclusive inside information from inside the walls of the Cabinet room of the Bahamas that confirms a war erupted between members of the executive as to how to proceed with the Referendum question. The decision to reschedule the Dec. 3rd date has left the Prime Minister embarrassed and the government looking bad.

We can confirm more than nine months ago a noted attorney advised the government that in order to proceed with the Dec. 3rd question, the Parliament must be called upon to amend the law.

We can report that advice was brought to the highest levels of the country and placed on the table where the EXECUTIVES of the country sit – but the decision to make the amendments was rejected.

Records flowing from the Cabinet Room tell us both Attorneys General Sen. Hon Allyson Maynard- Gibson and Minister of State Hon. Damian Gomez advised the Cabinet that the matter was being forced and in order to proceed the law needed to be amended to allow the poll to take place.

Sources deep in the government tell us that the executive room was split on the decision, after one noted attorney – from outside the Cabinet – persuaded the executive against the advice given to the Prime Minister by his appointed Ministers – the government lawyers!

What in the hell is this? What kind a Government is Christie running?

The development became a national embarrassment for the Christie Administration this week after the Prime Minister had to call off the poll and defer the vote to January 28th. And here brings us to our question this Sunday: “How is it a private, legal friend of the Prime Minister can possess such power to persuade him over the advice of his two TRUSTED Ministers, who are supposed to advise the government on matters of law?”

Investigations by Greg Moss shelved and ignored by government. Cabinet orders new investigation as Christie lacks confidence in his own board at NIB.

The decision this week to suspend the Dec. 3 polls began a bad week for the Christie administration, which is clearly not taking advice and is fighting within!

We are told the rift inside the room is building, with one source outside telling BP, “If Christie does not listen to the men and women he placed around him, he will destabilize his own government.”

Last week another sign of the government’s lack of confidence in its own appointments was seen at the National Insurance Board.

Chairman Gregory Moss opened an investigation at NIB and cited – in a 22-page letter dated November 8th – the findings. The letter included alleged incidents that expose some degree of alleged criminal activities by the top man at NIB.

Christie, from the steps of the Cabinet, began questioning the findings of his Board this week and, in so many words, began questioning the decisions of Moss.

This is not good!

The Government then decided to suspend Cargill and overlook the Board’s investigation and open its own. Which means here again Christie does have confidence in the people he appointed!


As we said before, this has been one bad week for the Christie Administration.

Where is Paul Adderley?

We report yinner decide!