Where is the injunction by Save the Bays to GAG Parliament?


And how is it all the mysteries from SAVE DA BAYS have gone cold?!

Nassau, Bahamas – It has gone all quiet in the case between Save the Bays and Members of Parliament who have been named in an action which has gagged Parliament on the emails of members of Save the Bays.

Bahamas Press has learnt that the case and arguments have been completed and everyone is awaiting a ruling. But the entire case has gone dead and no one is hearing anything.

While contributing to the mid-year budget debate, MP for Marathon Jerome Fitzgerald read from private emails exchanged between members of Save the Bays. These included attorney Fred Smith, entertainer Kirkland “KB” Bodie, public relations specialist Dianne Philips, environmentalists Romauld Ferreira and Joseph Darville in addition to former Free National Movement Chairman and Senator Michael Pintard.

Just before this debacle, the country was all caught up in the middle of the Murder for Hire Plot against some of the same members listed in the emails where two men from Bain Town, LIVINGSTON “Toggie” Bullard and Wisler “Bobo” Davilma, were said to have been hired to allegedly kill people. It was later revealed that the boys flipped their stories and confirmed that they were paid to say what they signed before the court.

The problem is this: All these events have mysteriously gone quiet.

The case against Parliament appears to have gone cold! And the alleged crimes of attempted murder and murder for hire is still incomplete.

Bahamians must wonder what is happening here? And what about those emails? When ya think we in the country will be able to read dem?

We report yinner decide!