Who is managing the national security of the country in Abaco? WHO??

Newly Rebuilt shanty villages on Farm Road in Abaco.

ABACO| Bahamas Press is appalled by the state of ‘wutlessness’ being displayed on Abaco where illegal shanty town communities are popping up all across the island.

Where is the police when ya need them? Paperless residents are exercising massive construction programmes all over the pine yards of Abaco and no one is policing the community.

Illegal shanty town villages are popping up all over while officers are riding up and down in their new cars and motorbikes permitting immigrants to run around lawlessly, violating the national building codes. WHAT IS THIS?

Where is the Commissioner of Police who is charged with the management of LAW AND ORDER in the country? And yinner want to tell us CRIME DOWN?

Will the Prime Minister go to Abaco and visite the pine yards as he visited Arawak Cay and see if his orders are being upheld? Or will he ignore the systemic problems of illegal buildings with the lack of running water all over Abaco?

What happened to the Minister of National Security who is charged with overseeing the policy of security in the nation? Is it the policy to permit lawbreakers to build shanty town villages in the nation? FIX IT! Or get da hell out of our damn business! What wrong with yall?

We report yinner decide!

Building codes and rules all across Abaco are not being enforced on the island where THOUSANDS DIED BECAUSE OF ILLEGAL STRUCTURES! HERE WE GO AGAIN!