Why did no one know 76 million dollars went into the Airport Project?


Talk about government where the sun don’t shine – Ingraham was a trip!

Minister Gibson confirms how Ingraham cut major benefits from the poor at NIB while he wasted millions to invest in a liqour business –

Nassau, Bahamas — A Canadian who has eaten well off the fat of the land in the Bahamas and works for a well paying company here, took offense to Bahamas Press commentary on Facebook the airport on Monday.

In our report we simply added that it is truly amazing to see how the Bahamas Government invested 76 million dollars into the LPIA project through the National Insurance Fund. In our post we added the line that here are funds spent unknown to the public on a project built by Canadians.

Minister Gibson confirms how Ingraham cut major benefits from the poor at NIB.

While we agree that the project was indeed necessary and should have been undertaken long ago, it is in our view that it is indeed reprehensible for the government of the Bahamas past or present to decide that National Insurance Funds should be continuously depleted without notice to the contributors in the country.

We want to be clear; we completely understand that we needed an international firm to do the airport project, and, with that point taken, no one should think we don’t believe that there are skilled enough painters, carpenters, electricians, tile layers and masons here in the Bahamas who can equally do the same. Our people have had global experience as well.

Our point on the Canadian, however, was after information came to us which explained that not only was the contractor coming in, but tasks at LPIA, which were as simple as cleaning the damn place, were being considered by some Canadian labour as well.

Bahamians can fly planes, build terminal buildings and clean the terlet too ya know!

That concern aside, we want to get back to this money out of National Insurance used for the project at LPIA.

To date we the taxpayers have yet to know what is the return on the investment of 76 million dollars. And likewise we have yet to know what is the return on the multiple investments like the funds paid into that liquor company out west, the APD Port, Cable Bahamas among others.

And while millions upon millions continue to blow up from NIB unannounced, we notice something incredible that has happened at the Board. Between 2007 to 2012 Bahamians paid more in contributions every month to fund the futures at NIB!


In a recent announcement it was shared by the NIB Minister that the contributions at the Board would be increased yet again. Perhaps to make sure that the fund is not depleted into the near future.

This is our concern.

This year government workers will be doling out more from their pay into the fund; a decision instructed by Hubert Ingraham in his reckless, wutless, and downright ‘dutty’ fiscal management of the Bahamas and in particular NIB!

This is absolutely not fair to the taxpayers – and more in particular government employees.

Unlike Greece and now Cypress, we in the Bahamas must wonder how much more will legitimate hardworking tax dollars are going to be squandered in sham projects while the taxpayer remain uninformed and stick up without a gun.

The National Insurance Board cannot be sustained forever with them making huge costly bad spending decisions! We must CUT IT OUT!!!

Government must stop the waste, cap the hemorrhage, and save our national security network from collapse!

And while yinner at it please – for the sake of the child unborn – get Algernon Cargill off the damn payroll and bring that Forensic Audit before the public and let us find out how in the hell did three people decide to pay themselves more than $720,000 plus dollars in bonuses.

By damn we cannot take it!

We report yinner decide!