Why has the electricity bill doubled in 30 days when lights are constantly off?!


Oil on the world market has declined to under $45 per barrel yet, under the People Time Government, the Light Bill and fuel costs are going up! WHAT IS DIS?

BEC pole worker.

Dear BPL,

We are patient customers who have endured the heat of summer and your constant power cuts.

For the past 30 days I have not increased my light consumption one bit. In fact more of my days have been spent outside the house than in. And yet, this month when my bill came it has a 100% increase? How yinner does do dat!?

How could my bill be more than doubled when every damn day yall power does fail and every evening we take time to be outside of the home to catch the air?

How could light bill in the Bahamas be doubled when oil per barrel around the world continues to decline to rock bottom below $45 per barrel on the world market; yet in the Bahamas fuel costs are on the rise?

I call on the People’s Government to quickly address this and address this quickly!

For five years, under the former Government, light bills declined more than 40%! And fuel cost slipped below $4 per gallon. What kinda foolishness is this now happening!