Why has URCA failed to report its findings of Aliv investigations following its failed October 1st launch?


Has URCA been told to hide its findings?

Nassau, Bahamas – Some sources deep on the ground believe URCA, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority, is going to bend over backwards to help save Cable Bahamas’ Aliv network from collapse and the proof is there for all to see.

Bahamas Press was lately snooping around the new second mobile company and, from the looks of things, problems are about to surface.

The fact is, following the passage of Hurricane Matthew, Aliv has had major launch problems on Grand Bahama and New Providence and suggests the product is too costly.

Just before its launch and before the storm, Aliv had told consumers that it would be up and running on October 1st, 2016. This was not so. URCA, ‘dey’ friend, say told the Bahamian people that as “Regulator” they would confirm that announcement of ALIV and find out if that was indeed true. It wasn’t, but guess what?

Since that said investigation was to take place, URCA’s acting CEO Stephen Bereaux has had nothing to say…NOT A DAMN WORD!

And since Aliv CEO David Blackburn and he are in regular dialogue, one must wonder if perhaps Bereaux had already cooked up some excuse or distraction for the public.

All we want to know is this: What were the findings of URCA on Aliv following its LIE about October 1st, 2016. And how much of its performance bond will it lose for failing to meet the TASK FORCE deadlines? Happy NewYear!

We report yinner decide!