Why is COB not safe from criminal and academic terrorists?


Students must be safe and police presence perhaps need to be introduced at COB!

COB's new Acting President Dr. Earla Carey-Baines

Dear Earla:

Hello. I hope that your head is clear now.

As acting president of COB, I am sure that you are aware of numerous incidents of crime that continuously occur at your institution and your administration’s utter failure to take any corrective action. As many students have indicated, they are tired of paying numerous additional fees only to fear for their safety as they go to class or study.

In one incident, a female student was robbed in a COB washroom by two men with a screwdriver. The robbery, and possible worse crime, was foiled only by the arrival of another student. When security was called, they did absolutely nothing but watch the assailants climb the minuscule wall and get away.

I understand that security at COB puts up a good show in front of your administration building where they are a constant presence and you, being the person with the IQ that you have, might be fooled into thinking that they behave similarly elsewhere but as many staff/students can tell you, outside the administration block, security is practically non-existent. Security is rarely present at the Turner road entrance or Poinciana Drive entrance. They are definitely not patrolling the grounds.

Other incidents include: a report of a man with a gun on campus, stolen items, et al.

I am wondering what your administration will be doing to ensure the safety of its students?


We need to be safe at COB