Why is The Bahamas Press Club in agreement with the PM’s refusal to answer questions from the press? Could anyone answer that?


Press Club Secretary all smiles as media is pushed out of the way by PM’s bodyguard? WHAT IS DIS? Watch as an aide to the PM Minnis slapped away reporters’ mics as our news and The Nassau Guardian news reporter Jared Higgs tried to question PM Minnis today on the outgoing investigation of the an affidavit that is part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe of a local US visa scam allegedly involving one currently sitting director of immigration and former director of immigration.

Press Club Secretary in gleeful support with PM as press is shoved to the side during Accountants Week!

Nassau – Look how the Bahamas Press Club Secretary and BIS reporter assigned to the Office of the Prime Minister, Lindsey Thompson [to the left of PM], is all smiles in approval with the PM as the Prime Minister’s bodyguard pushes the microphone away.

An Our News reporter attempted to ask for answers to questions involving the country from the PM during Accountants Week at Bahamar. There was no answer from the PM! One specific question was in reference to allegations from an FBI investigations with the former and current sitting Directors of Immigration.

The WUTLESS MEDIA of the Bahamas must now put question to he MAH – WHOSE SIDE IS THE BAHAMAS PRESS CLUB ON? Here is the photo for all to see as the Bahamas Press Club Secretary looks on with gleeful approval at the victimization of the media. What is dis?

We report yinner decide!