Why is the FNM subjecting the Unemployed to this NEW LOW!! Jobs handed out in the FNM Headquarters???

FNM panel at FNM headquarters over the weekend. The event was to host job seekers and collect applications for the government employment programme. The Pillsbury was seen collecting applications right in the damn FNM headquarters! SOME PEOPLE HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!

To now GET A GOV’T TEMPORARY JOB one must go to the FNM Headquarters

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — If people in this country would only practice what they preach then and only then do we believe crimes against the innocent would cease and we all would find peace. Until then, we say let the war continue!

The photo above is a snapshot of a meeting of young people at  FNM headquarters on Mackey Street over the weekend.

The event was to engage job hunters into the Ministry of Youth’s nationwide employment initiative. The programme, launched by the Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham during his budget communication in the Parliament, is to temporarily employ 1,000 workers over next 12 months.

Now readers seeing these pictures must question why is it leaders in the FNM have no DAMN SHAME?

Look at the unemployed at the FNM headquarters.

Just last week, Papa could be overheard in the HOUSE telling the nation as he wrapped up his budget contribution, that no Bahamian will be discriminated against in the job programme. He told members how the FNM would not be like the former government, and have applicants collecting letters from any MP in an attempt to politicize the event. In fact Ingraham made it clear, that the programme will not be political. But if this is indeed true –

Why were persons gathered inside the FNM HEADQUARTERS on Mackey Street this weekend collecting applications from job seekers attending this event?

• Why was the minister responsible for assigning of the jobs present in the DAMN FNM headquarters?

Since public money is funding the programme, why were young persons from the DNA, NDP, BDP, The Constitution Party and PLP not invited to attend?

What is this? Job hunters told they do not have to see an MP to get a job, according to Papa, yet, they just need to JOIN the FNM and file their application at the DAMN FNM headquarters?

Look at the New Low Bahamians have been subjected to in order to get a job.

Firstly, the unemployed were seen being lectured in the FNM headquarters by, Calvin ‘Da Nuisance’ Farquharson. Now here’s a man who could only tell the applicants; if Ingraham was to piss on them, it is not piss at all but rain. What a Shameless wonder!

Look at the unemployed in the FNM headquaters. Hubert fired thousands of temporary workers in 2007 when he got elected. Now Ingraham wants to hire them back but only for 12 months. TAKE THE JOB...VOTE PLP!

Another panelist lecturing the applicants was the Chairman of the Torchbearers Association, Jamal Moss. When did he become employed with the Ministry of Youth? Sitting just two seats away at the FNM youth leadership table was a woman we remember in the run up to the BTC GIVEAWAY. She we remember, was all over the media promoting a poll done by a group named the Consumer Advocacy Group. She argued at the time that the majority of Bahamians polled agreed for the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless. That polling must have been taken in the Cabinet Room, but yes, SHE WAS ALSO PRESENT IN FNM COLOURS!

The New Low we call it was when we saw the Minister of Youth Charlie Maynard at the event. Ya see, Maynard’s Ministry is responsible for processing the applicants, and it is he who headed the FNM speakers to job seekers. WHAT ‘VICKEDNESS’!

Look what the young voter must subject themselves to in 2011. They must bow down in front of the Emperors, without shoes, prostrate on the red floor while Papa, Farquharson, Pillsbury and the others lecture young unemployed persons to the ways of the FNM. Some people in the FNM have no DAMN SHAME and should not reduce the unemployed to this.

Calvin Farquharson instructing job hunters in the FNM headquarters.


  1. This is primative politics (even by Bahamas standards). Who cares whether or not this is an annual event usually held at the FNM party head quarters! The perception that it panders to party supporters (or invites applicants to become party supporters to extract THIS benefit) is a thought reached so easily in this politically charged atmosphere that it should have been taken to a neutral location to project and preserve sincerity of motive. Now the poison has been cooked in the meal, so regardless of corrective steps at this late hour, claims of political interference and “the likes” will stick.

    This is another “text book” example on how to screw up an otherwise good plan, courtesy of some person or persons within the FNM who is driven by party loyalty instead of the public good.

  2. @mikemikemike, now you should not be on this site talking about this issue, i am depending on you to get back to basic and deal with that devil who says that she is “TAKING OUR BLACK FOLKS MONEY aka “sexy caramel”. can you please deal with that issue and come back to this one at a later date and time….LOL

  3. TYA has held a job fair every year in recent memory at the FNM Headquarters. Where have you all been? Now you speaking utter foolishness believing the FNM to act just as you the PLP actually do.

    Elections are scheduled for just under a year not a couple months get a grip. To listen to the arguments you all put forward as why people should not vote for the FNM for holding a job fair that is actually an annual event, then people certainly should not vote for the PLP for the nonsense it has done in every election that it was in government including 2007.

    Tell me something, why is PYL not holding a job fair. Should they not be assisting young people in preparing and advising them so that they can take advantage of any opportunity that may arise.

    The commentary is expected, but sad that the PLP is still at that level how in the world do you guys ever expect to attract anyone but your base with that nonsense.

    Anyway, keep it up and we will keep you out!

  4. It’s a sleazy tactic that the FNM is using. These government leaders might be thinking that they can win the people’s trust when they give them hope to get work. However, this will all backfire at the FNM if they just made promises but there are really no jobs.

  5. This is very typical in any election year and a total distraction to what the PLP should be doing. Putting their bright minds together,meeting with the business community to come up with a job creation plan. Look at the skills required for current and future jobs, job opportunities and think of a way to provide training for these jobs. Get a skills bank set up of Bahamians coming home from college or graduating from a technical programme, we are talking abut sustainable jobs, not election jobs! We should be seeking these college graduates out! Again sustainable job creation is the key. Stay focus people. STOP MAKING NOISE AND START MAKING PLANS

    • Simone, the FNM in power, They are the ones who need to be planning, NOT LOOKING BACK and taking us Backwards!


  6. they hold the job fair @ the fnm head office come ooon man!! you think any plp will feel good around ***** *** hq. why they don’t stop doing ****. the bitter bahamians support the fnm the white man get and obeah got our country **** right up.

  7. Rosie, I glad to hear you ain voting for the Foreign National Mess no more.
    But what gat me is why the hell you vote for them in the first place? Dis the jacks who put RACISIS on our money, who was always for the rich and non Bahamian, who say we aint good enough to be on Bay Strees (straw market), who been raising taxes since they get in power in 92 and the list just goes on and on….
    What the hell, well I ga vote for dem cause of people like you who can’t seem to learn how bad it was in pre Pindling days forgetting that these people aint gone no where but sitting right here getting rich.
    By the way the only reason HAI and the Foreign National Mess was thrown out of power in 02 was because these same people felt dissed by HAI for allowing paper Bahamians to have more say than them.
    Well by damn and you vote for THEM! REMEMBER!!

  8. They just wicked, as simple as that!!! The FNM know what time it is, they know most people had it up to their eye balls with them and their mess, so this is their desperate attempt to force people to mix up with them. This job fair could have been held in more neutral location like Kendal Isaac Gymnasium, Town Center Mall or Marathon Mall. All kind of places they had to chose from, even some of those buildings they renting and aint nobody using. They know this is out of most persons comfort zone, because they would not feel at ease being affiliated with them; muchless to be hanging up around these FNM headquarters. They really wrong for this, but that’s the mentality of the people. Always doing things in a wicked way and trying to manipulate everybody, like people don’t have no sense to see through these things. They really think only them born with senses you know.

  9. I encourage all to take the jobs offered, this is the taxpayers money not the FNM, now is not the time to be foolhearted.

  10. My oh my the FNM is showing that it has no shame as its desperation time now and they are showing that they will do all in their power to retain the Govt.Where are the moral guardians of our society?By hook or crook Papa has decided that at all cost he will try and win.They have no damn shame.

  11. The only thing Calvin Farquarson qualify to tell these young people is, how to become a DRUG PUSHER and not get caught. Time for the FNM to go, I trust all the young people will take the temporary jobs and then VOTE THEM OUT.

  12. The Prime Minister think we are real JACKHOLES by providing jobs for just 52 weeks which would take these part jobs well into the General Elections. Well Mr Ingraham IT WONT WORK! As a matter of fact ITS TOO LATE.You provide the unemployed with jobs just one year before elections,hold the seminar at your DAMN headqaurters as reported by BP, we then feel compelled to vote for your WORTHLESS party and if you win (I PRAY TO GOD YOU DONT)the program ends and we then become unemployed for another four years? We will fire yall before yall could use us to win an election and FOCUS!



  14. why calvin f. don’t take his brown noising ass back to atlantis do he really think the fnm will win? then he have to be a jackass. it’s funny how he don’t like haitians and jamaicians and his leader love them so much. boy bp plenty people getting lockup for that license ring yall see all them people get lock up?

  15. Ten Reasons why the Free National Movement must go:

    1. Hubert A. Ingraham
    2. Crime
    3. Unemployment
    4. Foreignization of the Bahamas
    5. Sale of 51% stake in BTC to foreigners
    6. Politcal interference with the courts. (Cheryl Grant Bethel’s case)
    7. Politcal discrimation in criminal matters (Robin Hood’s fiasco)
    8. No real progressive vision for our country.
    9. Did not implement the Freedom of Information Act that he promised to enact.
    10. Hubert A. Ingraham

  16. BP. The Prime Minister knows that the FNM cannot go into an election with the unemployment numbers as bad as they are and win. But, what the FNM is doing by holding what amounts to a jobs fair at their headquarters is buying votes with the taxpayers money!Thats not the half of it! Pubic servants do not contribute to their pensions but, will receive a pension and gratuity upon retirement. This is why many of them cannot afford to retire and, have to suck up to the politician to get further employment. This double dipping ensures that there are insufficient job openings for new employees. These unfunded pension liabilities is what will bankrupt the Bahamas.

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