Why is URCA’s representatives on national radio fighting for Cable Bahamas and NewCo in our face?! Have they forgotten they are the regulators?


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Randol M. Dorsett - Embattled Chairman of URCA
Randol M. Dorsett – Embattled Chairman of URCA
Nassau, Bahamas – Stephen Bureaux, the regulator of Utilities at URCA, was heard on Guardian Radio working his job for CBL’s NewCo suggesting why national roaming is necessary.

Bureaux appears to be deeply lobbying for the second mobile provider, which appears to be in a serious cash crisis trying to build its nationwide infrastructure to present a cell service.

Bureaux, who is supposed to be one of the men making sure that the utility companies act fairly towards the public and who should have made sure Cable Bahamas presented sufficient customer service officers to meet the needs of the public, is these days batting for the Cable Company in an attempt to make demands for NewCo which perhaps cannot meet its October 1 deadline to turn us on.

The actions of the URCA representatives these days are interesting; how could the people at URCA, who are supposed to be looking out for the public interest, be seen in the press and in the public as a lobbying group for one party is reprehensible.

Bahamas Press renews the call for the Christie GOVERNMENT TO EVALUATE URCA. The place clearly is no longer transparent. And the subject deep inside appears to be on the side or maybe working for Cable Bahamas.

No wonder the public still getting screwed!