Why was Island FM rep. denied access to the PM’s Press Club?


Island FM Reporter denied Meet the Press access by FNM GOON

Nassau, Bahamas — While scores of Free National Movement party supporters were seated and packed at the Prime Minister’s Meet the Press event at the British Colonial Hilton on Sunday afternoon, it was quite interesting to note not all members of the media were invited.

Firstly, Bahamas Press was given no official invitation by the WUTLESSS DAMN communication deputy head, Sharon Turner, nor were we made aware of the press rules we later discovered were attached to that invite.

Hubert Ingraham at a press event somewhere and the deputy director for BIS Sharon Turner behind the scenes.

But an interesting twist happened Sunday. A representative from Island FM was disallowed to be seated with members of the “chosen” media, and was denied the right to question the Prime Minister. No explanation was given.

Island FM representative, Tammy Dean, we also know, was rejected by ‘Yellow Brigade’ member and travelling partner on the PM’s long excursions, Sharon Turner.

Turner flatly rejected Dean’s right to ask the PM questions of national importance and was not allowed to be sit with the media party. Now this is the same Turner woman who we at BP referenced before as having some wild exotic fascinations with the leader and could be seen LIVE ON TV showing her pearly gates as she filed questions to Hubert Ingraham.

She, you should note, has taken the job from a chief photographer at BIS and frequents trips with the PM. She was along with other Yellow Brigade members on his visit to China.

What was even sadder was this, the Nassau Guardian was allowed to field two reporters in the question area, while Island FM could not get one. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

Sharon Turner should apologize to Island FM for her WICKED decision towards an official member of the press. Bahamas Press believes NO member of the press should have been unjustly treated in that exercise.




  1. It seems that you report a story that maybe void of the complete facts, not good. More upsetting is that you are suggesting a behaviour of a person that you seem to have issue with that may also not be true.

    It is getting upsetting now that Bahamians who seek to serve their country have to worry about their good name used in ways that is not right. Even if it is true, why would you be so mean about it. Mean spirit-ness is not a good quality and BP you seem to be the master of it.

    Let all have some respect, report the truth with out been mean, Please.

    • We are the master of mean spirit-ness? Boy Wilard you must not know Hubert Ingraham is your leader. WAKE UP IT IS NOT TOMMY TURNQUEST BUT INGRAHAM who is the exact meaning of the word. It is he who has divided this country and has brought it to an all time LOW!



  2. Why dont youll get of Ms. Dean…I understand that Kristina Mcneil from NB12 was also late to this meeting and she was not allowed to ask questions as well. Why is she not mentioned at all if this is such an injustice? or even a piece to highlight that? Why people gatta be viewed through the eyes of politics why cant we all get along? It seems that there may a “vibe” with Ms. Dean from certain quaters is this someone trying to start something? Interesting that a video can be posted on a certain website. After checking out the website doesnt it look as if Ms. Dean was turned away?.. turned away from her assigned seat that was later occupied by Ms Miller from ZNS (if you examine the video) check it out…..(00:13:45)

    • Yinner blocked Ms Mcneil from participating also? BOY, yinner really scared a beauty nah! Sharon Turner should apologize to Island FM! END OF STORY!


  3. Your headline should be WHY WAS ISLAND FM REP ONE HOUR LATE TO PM’S PRESS CLUB! I have never commented on your site before now but when I saw this GARBAGE I had to speak up. I witnessed the reporter in question walk into the British Colonial Hilton as the Prime Minister was taking the podium to begin his remarks just before 4pm. The media was asked to be in place no later than 3pm.
    Miss Dean walked to the front where the other reporters were seated, bent to speak with someone then turned to leave to sit at the back of the room leaving the seat which had been reserved for ISland FM EMPTY! A video posted online(freenationalmovement.org)shows the same.
    The reporter could not have been interdicted by ANYONE especially the individual named, because that individual was speaking on the microphone at the time Dean arrived and could not stop her. The raw video on the internet shows the same.
    Furthermore, you should question the political motives of this reporter who has on many occasions outright refused to cover FNM related events and on the day of the Prime Minister’s press event, said she simply didn’t want to be there.
    I have no faith that this so called story will be removed, but I do hope that this commentary will speak to the more intelligent of us and not be accepted as any form of truth.

    The End.

  4. I don’t believe members of the press were denied access, just wondering what was the reason?
    It could not be because of how they were dressed

    Was that Mrs Turner who was asking questions on behalf of reporters? She was NOT properly dressed, the dress, the bling bling ring, and the horse mane? I don’t think so, she needs to tune down and present herself more professionally!

  5. BP, I believe the young lady arrived late. That’s what I am hearing. So, that may have been a good reason why she wasn’t allowed to ask questions. But, I do agree with you. Why were there two Nassau Guardian reporters asking questions? That didn’t seem fair at all. Every media house should have had two people sitting up there, if that happened.

    This Turner girl seems to have her nose far up Ingraham’s *** and she seems even closer with the editor of the Guardian. She might need to watch that. She’d better pray Papa dem win the election. If not, her *** will be right to Island FM looking for a job. Maybe the Guardian will hire her. She’s starting to look real stupid.

    • Ya know Maerick I wonder how much money we have paid in airline tickets to have this same Turner girl travel from Grand Bahama to Nassau to cover her FNM functions? I wonder if BP gata look into that also?


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