Why would the Christie Administration go after the Children in an audit and not follow up with the Bahamian people crimes committed in Tourism, NIB and Bribery claims against the former Government?


Letter writer exposes the hypocrisy of the PLP! Will Christie Government now charge unemployed youth after its audit of the Loan Scheme?

Are the new generation of leaders now turning on young Bahamians? How could Christie Government do an audit on UNEMPLOYED students in the Loan Scheme and not do the same following the SCANDALS at Tourism and NIB? Do they still believe in Bahamians, while the crooks get away!? BP awaits the investigation out of TOURISM and the Forensic Audit of NIB Funds

Dear Editor,

I just thought I’d highlight something to you since I hardly trust the other media outlets these days.

I’ve just read the news story about the Education Minister saying that they are almost done auditing the education loan funds. Happily I’m not a part of that but do know some people that may be affected…not the issue though.

I just find it interesting that before creating more jobs in the country he seems to be on a hunt to get the many students that the past governments encouraged foolishly (without realistic targets) to get into debt with no real jobs to come back to.

Moreover, I’m wondering if this search and legal action will include them many children and relatives for past and serving politicians that benefited from these loans and have not repaid them. I hope this will not be a witch-hunt for the small man.

I also wonder why they are taking such a hard-line on this issue when they have not yet addressed the monies involved in the Tourism Scandal uncovered by Bahamas Press, The NIB Scandal uncovered by Bahamas Press, Laing-gate (in its many angles) and the various other Government financial improprieties.

It almost feels he is using those poor people to get political milage. For example I know of someone that went away and studied accounting…came back home to no job and several failed interviews later is now working as an insurance agent barely making ends meet while maintaining a household with a mother made redundant by City Market and a father working 3 days at a local hotel.

The good minister needs to realise that the government waved fools gold in the front of many young people and now the country is suffering the ramification.

Personally I say unless you can promise those students an opportunity to make a decent living, call it all a bad experience, write the loans off (in fact didn’t the IDB give the government money to do that anyway) and put a proper system in place.

We have an abundance of unemployed professionals so now may be a good time to upgrade BTVI to grant technical degrees and start encouraging Bahamians to gain a trade and become entrepreneurs.

I have not written this email to be posted, just thought I’d prompt my favourite source to investigate and properly report.