Word is fast spreading that Edison Key may resign South Abaco seat following North Abaco race


Hon. Edison Key - South Abaco MP.

Moores Island, Abaco — Word is circulating in political circles that following the bye-election in North Abaco, there may be another race on the island.

Bahamas Press has learnt South Abaco MP, Edison Key is not feeling to stay on as a Member of Parliament for the entire term.

In fact some are speculating the Mr. Key, who absolutely has had nothing to say in the Parliament since returning to office, is a very uncomfortable man.

Mr. Key entered the political arena in 1977, serving two terms as a senator and chairman of the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation under the Pindling Government. He ran as an FNM in 2007 winning the seat and again in 2012 and served as the Chairman of BAIC.

Close relative tell us, “He is approaching 74 and after having a heart surgery the up and about movements is straining him. It is taking a toll on the charismatic MP. We believe in him however, and will support him in his decision to retire from frontline politics.

Key represents the very aging Free National Movement Party, which has the oldest group of Parliamentarians serving in the House.

It may be wise for Hubert Minnis, who is suffering in his first leadership test to force Key to resign to open the door for young fresh politicians to sit in Parliament, as many are becoming concerned with a aging FNM parliamentary team.

A South Abaco race would mean another uphill battle for the PLP, which is now in a dead heat fight in North Abaco. Hubert Ingraham is wildly campaigning on the ground once again and some suggest the FNM is set to drop over $3 million during the campaign.

We report yinner decide!