Wife and Sweetheart Fight Through the Store of Super Value Cable Beach


Fight in a foodstore - file photo

Nassau, Bahamas

— It was high drama in Super Value Cable Beach this afternoon, after a man was spotted at the popular shopping centre buying groceries with his sweetheart.

“Mommy ‘looka’ daddy with that woman!” was the loud cry coming from outside the store, and the next thing we knew, trolleys were flying everywhere.

BP stood frozen like the chicken in the freezer as the wife had the sweetheart headed for the ground in a chokehold.

Other eyewitnesses could not believe what they were seeing; the wife of the man laying blows on the sweetheart as they fought to the ground hitting everything in their path.

“Dis who you ******* with? This who you putting me down for?”; Were loud shouts repeated by the wife as she laid blow after blow on the sweetheart, who could only scream, “Woman you better leave me,…. woman leave me!”

One of the women wigs slid under the trolley, while they both began breathing hard after completing round one.

An eyewitness enjoying the wrestle said, “Now see that’s what I like about this food store, great prices, fresh food and live WWE action entertainment.”

Another shopper could be heard whispering, “My goodness, they bring the ghetto to Cable Beach. That’s what we call ‘Buy Bahamian’.”


  1. some of us are coming down to hard on the wife.. human first beings later. Think about.
    im not saying shes right but the bible speaks about the wrath of a jealous husband why do we think wives are n e different. yall raggin on the wife waht about the husband? tis a natural reponse..my heart goes out to the wife… just hope that if it ever happens again.. maturity and experience will tell her to deal with it in a more respectful manner. GEE TIS WOMAN A BREAK DREAD!!!!!

    • Most of the women who are vexed about what the wife did, are vexed because they probably would be that “sour heart” lady with the husband, aint nothin sweet about them. I do not condone what the wife did, but not everyone have the fortitude to see that kind of scenario and keep calm and collected.She is wrong but so are those two no good trifling pair at the supermarket.

    • No one is prefect. You have some people who reacts on impulse and then they would regret the things they did afterwards. Now, I don’t know what rushed though this woman’s head when she spotted her husband with his sweetheart and how it may have affected her. She may not of been in her right frame of mind at that point. Especially, if is her first experience in this sort of situation. If this is indeed the first time she’s witnessing something like this, I think she will learn from this experience and use better judgment if there is a next time. Now, you have some women who don’t being public spectacles. They have made a lifetime commitment to be fighting with their husband’s sweethearts, they would be calling them up on the phone and cursing them out their on jobs and at home; Parking down the road from their homes and hiding in their work parking lots and watching their every movement; wasting their gases driving up and down behind them; following them around to the foodstore, hairdresser, nail appointments and other places and the minute they meet up with their husbands, they would jump out of their cars and start fighting with them. Those women are sick and they need some serious counseling. That’s too much energy and not to mention its time consuming. That’s time you could have been putting into yourselves and your children.

  2. That is just good for the sweetheart, they need to learn to leave people man alone and she so bold out in public shopping with people husband that’s what she get for acting like she decent. These so called “sweethearts” are the lowest forms of humans to me, I would respect a dog more!!

  3. sometimes it is be years and years of fustration that has been built up. I agree dont n e man get the best of you, but put yourselves in the same situation. Everybody has something to say until they get in that situation, most of yall would react worst than that.
    Most likely the sweetheart knew what was going on.. im sorry she had to embarass herself like that. The sweetie need her @ss beat.. have respect for people marriage and for yourself

  4. Why she gone after the sweet heart and not her husband. This woman has no loyalty to her . . she should have dealt with her husband, at home later that day. And, what kind of mother acts that way in front of her child? Do you see how our young men today having all these anger management problems? If fact she should have been happy she saw them, and head straght to the blue hill road clinic to get an AIDS test and then to her lawyer. Wake up Bahamian women! Everything happens for a reason and sometimes dissapointments happens for the best. Thats what my mom and grandmother (God rest her soul) use to say. Peace!!!!!!

    • A woman would attack a woman before a man because she know she has a better chance of winning the fight. If she and her husband aint like that he might drop a good cut a… on her if she attacks him. So she knew who she could beat. It reminds me of when i was dating and my mine girl came by my apartment and saw number two there. So she asked number two “what you doing here”. So number two did nothing but say “ask ya man”. This pissed my girl off and of cause a fight ensued. So some times they approach the other woman to find out whats goin on and the woman answers with a sharp tongue rather than trying to smooth things over. Needless to say my girl is now my wife and i love her to death and even though i don’t condone this behaviour, she did cut the girl ***.

  5. WELL CHALL PLEASE, DONT DO IT, BP. Why the wife gon after the sweetheart, in front of the child no less??????????? all kinda bring go carry come up in dese ppl good establishment! Instead a she jus go bout her merry way, make sure her husband see her, and just go deal wit it when she get home? The next person I woulda talk to is my lawyer. Too many people in our Bahamas (ESPECIALLY IN THIS LIL NASSAU TOWN) do NOT have any dignity these days.

  6. Classless- what is wrong with some women?! That other woman may not have even known your husband was married. It is your husband who shamed your marriage, not her. Was she afraid her husband would beat her, if she tried to confront him? Was that and is that the problem with these low grade women?
    Come on people, get a clue, who are you really angry with? Bahamian women in particular need to build up their self esteem & have some source of income (it’s advisable however to NOT act like some crazy feminist, pants wearing, boss lady- men DO NOT like that, they actually want to feel needed and be the house provider- to have a feminine wife, with a good head on her shoulders and some independent cash flow.) Bahamian women need to pray more about their marriage and husbands. They need to have their own life, their own friends and their own personality. Forgiveness is one of the greatest virtues you can possess, if you ever choose to use it there are few places better than in your own marriage. However life is all about free-will, and suffering the consequences thereof.

    • why are women ultimately blamed when men cheat? could it just be that the man is a dog and it has nothing to do with the wife’s looks, cash flow etc.? I have seen plenty sweethearts who look worse than the wife (fat, ogly)

      • I totally agree with you after being in a similar position, it just seems as though some men need something different whether it’s a bit opposite of their type or totally opposite….they choose persons because of one characteristic the significant other didnt have while that significant other possessed many good qualities…..but always remember the 80-20 rule from Why did I get married……they sooner or later realize the 20% was not worth giving up the 80%!

  7. Ghetto trash, she should be locked up for assault. There is no justification for that, there is a thing here called LAW AND ORDER. Thats what is “supposed” to make us a civilized country, the “wife” in this case was acting like and uncivilized animal.

  8. The man was not rape. The Woman needs to chain her husbaand down. He is the married party. He need’s to remember and respect his wife. It’s not the sweet heart job. Women do not wait until you are loosing your husbands to fight in public rather than taking care of business at home.

  9. I guesss none of your learned from Ms. Diced in south beach. A man will cheat if he wants, when he approach one woman today and she says no, he will approach 2 tomorrow.
    That out os shape, tire looked, need a makeover wife should have bussed her husbands ass. My parents have been married 50+ years, I have no outside sis or bro. people now adays have no self worth, its about money, sex, and not care and love.
    Maybe if the wife would spend some time working on herself, her husband will become jealous enough to stay home and pay her some attention, and if that doesnt work…LEAVE.

      • aint that something hey? The man could let himself go and still walk round like he’s God’s gift to women but let a woman have one ounce of fat on her and ya might as well call her ‘Precious’.

  10. What a lousy man!!…my wife would have to cordially greet my sweetheart & I…smile nicely (even if its fake) while i give the child some extra spending money & then we discuss that lata wheneve i get home

    • sounds like you have that whole sweetheart issue down pact. Yes, i’m cheating and it is unacceptable for my “emotional” wife who’s attacking because she’s more than embarassed (especially since the kid pointed it out to the mother) to lash out the way she did!

      Just unacceptable I say!……Right….arent you a keeper

    • That‘s the way you do it. I would use the same psychology on both of you, that’s only if I am not exactly sure what the situation is. I would play nice just to get a feel of what‘s going on. I would come up to both of you and say, “Or, this where you are aye? I was so shocked when little Kobe said, “see Daddy“. Wasn’t expecting to see you here. Who is this beautiful lady with you?” Then I would be studying your responses and body language at that time; if I detected a vibe, I would say, “anyway, Kobe and I are here to pick up a few items for the home, I am sorry if we interrupted anything. Kobe tell Daddy goodbye and I guess we will see him later“.

      Now if I could see exactly what the situation is, don’t expect me to play that game with you all. When Kobe said, “see Daddy“, I would say, “Yeah, I see him. He look like he little busy to me, I don’t want to disturb him and I would walk straight pass both of you. Now, if Kobe want to speak to you or get some monies from you, I would wait on him from distance and the look I would have on my face, you would know exactly where I am coming from.

      In either scenario when you leave the store, you would know you have to go look for a new home. I hope the sweetheart have somewhere to put you, if she don’t, you better call Tyrone then. At least I don’t care where you go, you better believe I don’t want nothing to do with you.

  11. well who,s to say the wife dont have class? is it cause she bust the sweethearts ass? remember now we,re all humans with feelings, and to see some shit like that you wouldnt know when class step to the side and the junglelers take over hooray for the wifey!!!!!

    • Observer,
      Most of the women who are vexed about what the wife did, are vexed because they probably would be that “sour heart” lady with the husband, aint nothin sweet about them. I do not condone what the wife did, but not everyone have the fortitude to see that kind of scenario and keep calm and collected.She is wrong but so are those two no good trifling pair at the supermarket.

  12. The wife went after the sweetheart, because she like so many other Bahamian wives are cowards. Sorry like most Bahamians. We love to beat up our gums, but never address the core issue. So rather than leave her no good tricking husband, she becomes enraged at the sweetheart. I was not there, but I bet you the man stood and watch this and did not try to prevent the fight.. NO good sow.. but the wife deserves him…

    • @suck teet-easier said than done! Sometimes a whole life was invested in that spouse! When everything you do is done for your family and to see someone come to destroy what you have built for so many years…”hell breaking loose” is an understatement for what one feels!!!I don’t justify her actions, especially the fact that the child was there, but it must be very hard to see that and not have any reaction!

      • You can have a reaction, but still have class. I am married also and have been with my husband for more than 20 years. However, I know that if it were me who caught him like that, I would be upset, but I will remember quickly that no man is worth me falling and sliding all over the floor beating up a woman that didn’t make any vows to me. That woman’s beef is with her husband. She should have made sure he saw her, and went about her business like it was nothing. Then go and make whatever legal arrangements she deem necessary to get away from the drama and stress.

        Trust me, if the wife is a good woman, after the sweetheart kick him in the hip, he’d be crawling back eventually looking like a fool. Then she would have the last laugh. Always operate in class, Ladies. Don’t give the men a reason to say that’s why he don’t want you!

    • In most cases its not a good idea for a woman to leave her husband in the Bahamas unless their stock is really high. We all have our needs and as a man looking in, i have seen some of these wives who leave their husbands for sweet heartin catch eternal hell. These same women who nobody really want as a new wife because of their baggage (children & bills)runs into the arms of other married men and become the sweet heart the person they first despise. Or they become cougars fa some young guys to take advantage off. He can’t take you home and you can’t take him home. He drives your car and burrows money from you. Then the idea of bring a man into your home who might molest and abuse your children is also an issue. So even though she might look bad and embarassed herself by fighting, she is actually FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE. Our income in the Bahamas is to small for a man who has left the home to pay bills for his family and still pay bills elsewhere cause sweet heartin aint cheap so who you think ga suffer.

      A sweet heart would think twice about messing with the wife’s husband after a good cut ass in public. Do you think we as men would mess with a man’s wife again after a good cut ass, i dont think , well i no I wouldn’t. LMAO. How much a them forty – sixty year old divorce women in church prayin that the wife of a church man die so they could throw their hat in the ring. There are alotta lonely women out there and they hopin you leave so they could take over. Only you know you situation and its sad what some people have to put up with but this is life.

  13. I am sure it is more to this story. We don’t know whether the wife was harrassed or not. I agree that the husband should be dealt with but that lady may have deserved that “lil touchin’ up” Good for both of them.
    Married people need to learn to live out their vows.

  14. Wow…we like to blame crime and other issues on others, and the PLP on FNM, and the FNM on PLP, but at the end of the day it is far more deep rooted than that. it sounds like the wife’s child was there – i can’t imagine starting a fight in front of my children – how will they learn if their parents can’t control themselves. and especially when the reason is sweethearting. it is a social issue. too much SWEETHEARTING, single mothers…we need to rebuild the social foundation of our society and that takes all of us to pull our weight….”frozen chicken” could just as well apply to those that standby and watch and complain, but do nothing about making society better.

  15. One of my best friend, she always ragging down these women when she catches them with her husband. She must be done fight over a hundred of them for him. I always tell her, she have time to be getting scrape and bruise up for this man who don’t want to do any better. One time, one of the woman crack one of her tooth and she had to let the Dentist put a crown put on it. I know it wouldn’t be me. I spend too much time in the spa and trying to take care of myself for someone to have me looking like some rag a muffin. Hell no, I would just go home and pack up his things and when he come he would met his belongings outside by the garbage. Change the locks on the doors and contact my lawyer to start up divorce proceeding. If he want be out there playing the field, I will give him his freedom. I am not going to let him stress me out and cause my hair to turn gray, before its time. Love myself too much for that to put up with foolishness.

    • @KIM- what concerns me the most is the fact that this was allegibly done in the presence of her child! No man is worth that!I know when it hurts, it hurts like hell, but the Best example she could show to her children would be to pack up/or pack him up and leave!She (the wife) may have felt a short term gratification, but it is never worth in the end! It’s obivious that he doen’t care, but someone has to take the high road for the sake of children!!

      • I keep trying to post this comment, I dont know if it will show up later, but I really want to share this, it might help someone going through this situation to see things in another prospective. This my response to IKB:

        IKB I don’t believe in talking to children about their pa and it’s rather unfortunate that the child was there to see Daddy in action, one good thing about it, I don’t have to tell them anything, they saw him for themselves. He cant blame me for turning his children against him, he did that when he decided to sweetheart and break up our home. If the child needs counseling, I will make sure they gets it. I hear people talking about staying in the marriage, because of investments, children and the time they put into it. I could careless!! He still could come and see and talk with his children, but just know that between us we don’t have nothing else in common. When it come to investment and material things, don’t confuse me with Lot’s wife, because I could leave it all behind and don’t look back. If the time we put into our marriage meant anything to him, he would have been there putting in quality time with me and the kids, instead of spending it sweethearting. The bottom line is, I don’t know who else he or this woman are screwing and I don’t have time to take chances with my health. Once I have health and strength, I could always rebuild my life.

        • I hear you and I think most women out there would feel you!! I call that having posture in the midst of pain!!!

    • @Kim – I totally agree. Until women understand that it is “them” who shows the men how to treat them, they will always be treated like doormats. If you keep allowing a man to walk over you he will do it. I don’t care how much bills I have i won’t swallow my dignity so my man can whore around town and then call himself “coming home” to me. How is that a home? More like a jail he has built for you.

      Ladies, class is something to attain and once you have it don’t let no lo-life strip you of it. If you have class you can find a man to love and respect you for who you are. You have no class if you allow a man to manipulate you because he pays your bills.

      Get real!

  16. I would advise persons in authority, specifically those pastors that counsel persons wishing to enter into marriage to stress the significance and holiness of the marriage contract. I am a firm believer that once you are married then you are married for life.

    It would appear that this beast of a man wants to have his cake and eat it too. The wife was fully justified in dealing with the hor home-wrecka and should be honored and praised. I hope that the husband got some of that cut**** as well.

  17. So she beat the woman because? She turned her anger on the wrong person. She did not walk down the aisle with the woman and promise to love honour and obey. No the wife ga look like a fool while the husband ga be right there nursing the sweetheart back to good health. Plus if the sweetheart decides to press charges and the wife end up in jail, guess who ga be coming to dinner,wearing her shoes, and dropping the children off to school?

  18. lawd,lawd, I hope my fren from roun da corner dere in Wesridge read dis, she headed right down da aisle, she betta stay from roun ppl man wit her false grin an phony ***.

    • Well can’t the same be said about the man [PRINCE] who murdered Nellie? Why did he kill the woman we he should a gone after the man?


      • BP I think you missed Bahamian/American’s point! Why go after the 3rd party? Confront your husband/wife who was caught sweethearting. Don’t do what that evil beast did to his lover though! Years ago when I found out my boyfriend was seeing another woman, I remained calm and simply told him to “hit the road jack!”

        He cried, begged and pleaded to stay with me but I refuse to be anything but the ONLY woman in a man’s life.

      • @Media
        Here is your answer B P;Prince was trying to roach Nellie,s boyfriend who lives overseas.It is alleged that he knew and was told about the relationship but he wanted to be King of the Bull run and despite all of his efforts the woman just could not get enough of her overseas lover.Prince was obsessed with Nellie who had a backside that was uuhhh uhh .

        • That’s when we pay attention to what’s on the outside and not enough to what’s on the inside. That’s how plenty people got jacked in the end.

    • @Bahamian/American she went after the woman because she could always deal with the husband. with all of the deadly sickness out there i do not think she was out of order. my only concern is that the drama took place in the prescence of the child.

    • @Jan
      He was a running man lol lol.That wife obviously got a good tipoff as sweethearts get to shop in the west.Sorry fellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh I mean sweethearters lolo lolo.

    • ghetto is in the heart so i dont know what the hell people talking about, she have time fighting over man she look like fool because the man aint going back lady you disgrace yourself

    • Well at least they in the freezer aisle sh could slap a piece of meat on her black eye.

      It’s amazing though where the men is be. They be there for a good time and when all hell break loose they no where to be found. BUNCH OF SISSIES!!!


    • Kim not us, not in this era of slaughter. You hear what we said, “BP was frozen like a chicken in the freezer.”


      • Yeah, I understand. It isn’t like days gone by when people would have been eager to jump in and stop a fight, these people are getting more and more dangerous now. One of them could have easily had a gun or knife in their handbag, you just never know what to expect now.

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