Wilchombe has worn out his WEST END MOVE!! FIRE OBIE


The truth of the matter is that Obie Wilchcombe has no chance in heck to ever lead the PLP and should be blocked from re-election this 2017! FIRE OBIE!

Obie Wilchcombe

West End Speaks!!! Well at least one member of the PLP and a senior member of the Christie Cabinet could kiss his chances goodbye from ever becoming leader or deputy leader of the PLP after key generals tell us their allegiance have shifted to other members of the top brass. COUNT DIS ONE OUT!!!!

Bahamas Press is at wits end and is now taking the gloves off and we warn this one ain’t ga be easy. Buckle up!!

Sources in the Constituency of West End and Bimini tell us Cabinet Minister Obediah Wilchcombe, the man who lambasted the Christie Government over Bahamar and told the country on national radio how the Cabinet didn’t know what it was doing on that Cable Beach property, has lost major support deep into his constituency and any chance of ever gaining any top post inside the Party. IT OVER!!!

Let’s not forget the Freeport fiasco that Wilchcombe was mixed up in with the popular actor whose son mysteriously died. Someone pimped on Bridge-Over-Troubled-Water and caused her to wear her white dress to court. See! Wilchcombe showed his disloyalty to the Bahamian people from then.

Wilchcombe, sources tell us, have defied the Christie Government on many occasions and failed to follow the instructions and orders of da leader, and we should know.

“Wilchcombe has no chance in hell to ever become leader of the PLP and or deputy leader of the Party,” said an angry constituent. “He has been an abysmal failure, an awful leader, an unkind and selfish recluse and an absolute and unqualified airhead who to this day cannot explain to the people of Grand Bahama what just happened.”

Yinner would remember how we at Bahamas Press warned of the attack on the Cabinet following the filings at Bahamar and the mouth-breather didn’t even follow the rationale being offered by the Christie Cabinet to help and assist thousands of unemployed needing a job at Bahamar. And by the time “Slick Willie” was done he didn’t see what a Jackass he made of himself. Imagine dat!

And if you don’t believe our conversation that Obie is not “Da MAN”, just go and ask former MP Sidney Stubbs, who brought him to the table and into the room of the PLP, and then ask him what the Minister of Tourism has done to him. SLASH AND CUT DOWN!!! All we say is this, by the end of this article Wilchcombe should begin packing up the ‘dutty’ laundry deep inside his office and roll out before sunlight hit him because he might burst into flames like the vampire that he is.

And, although the dead cannot speak, told us another example of how Wilchcombe treated his diehard loyal supporter, da late Ron Rolle, was a disgrace. This speak volumes!! But we digress! May Rolle’s soul rest in peace.

At every turn where Wilchcombe could have advanced ordinary Bahamians and or diehard PLPs for that matter, he turned on dem quickly becoming cozy then rosy, tricky then sticky with complete strangers, all of whom could not help or advance his political cause or help his future in politics. To many he is not a friend! He is a VAMPIRE!! Sunlight will get him soon when he is VOTED OUT of office.

He is not even a friend to the Bahamian people! If you don’t believe us just follow the money behind the over $650,000 advanced from the public purse for the Caribbean Muzik Festival, which never happened and money vanished like Houdini. Imagine dat! Obie first said they were looking at a new date. Then he said it would be held later in the New Year. Then he said organizers would deliver it by the end of the following year. The media forgot but Bahamas Press didn’t. Nothing happened, the event never materialized, the funds never returned back to the public purse and Wilchcombe like Pinocchio seems like he cannot get honest and right with the Bahamian people.

Now we ga help the FNM with that seat in West End and we ga say it now if ya want CHANGE – VOTE AGAINST Obie Wilchcombe! If ya want get rid a crookedness and jackass-ness send Wilchcombe home! And if ya tired a MPs who tired a yinner FIRE DEM!

We put Bahamians on alert – Make sure no flights leave Turk and Caicos to vote in West End this election!…Stay Tuned!

We report yinner decide!