Woman appointed Justice after 'SWEETHEARTIN' Ingraham's friend


bain-lgNassau, Bahamas — The sweetheart of Hubert Ingraham’s friend now receives her ‘sweetheartin’ honour for excellent “SERVICE” rendered.

On Friday August 14, Rhonda Bain, was sworn in as a justice of the Supreme Court at Government House by the Governor-General, His Excellency Arthur Hanna. Ms Bain is pictured [here left] taking her oath of office.

Bahamas Press rejects this ‘VICKED’ plot in the INGRAHAMIZATION of the Supreme Court bench. Bahamians should ask, what are the views of this woman? What are the ideals she uphold? Where is her position on matters now affecting the judiciary and what is her position on marriage, rape and SCREWING AROUND!? WE ‘GATA’ STOP BEING WUTLESS IN THIS TOWN YA KNOW! THE BAHAMAS IS FAST BECOMING ONE WUTLESS JUNKNAOO SOCIETY, where anything buckup goes whilst people cannot be delivered justice in the land!!

We would be the first to say that the process to appoint Justices in this country is flawed. ANY TOM, DICK, JANE or Harry could be appointed to uphold law in this town and no input is shared with the public. ABSOLUTE FAILURES are being appointed to the Bench and the ones ABLE and CAPABLE to serve are being overlooked, DENIED APPOINTMENT! Does one have to sleep with someone close to the PM in order to receive an appointment to serve their country? WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS?allen-j

Why is, Senior Justice Anita Allen, [inset below] overlooked for the appointment of Chief Justice in The Bahamas? Why is Ingraham once again appointing someone to the bench who has a clear position of BIAS towards the FNM? IS JUSTICE IN THE BAHAMAS BLIND ANYMORE? And here once again, the PLP with all that BAND OF LEGAL MINDS, sit idly by and says not a DAMN WORD! This is remarkable!

Now we know some will call this attack NASTY, but when one can be so bold as to appoint the sweetheart of his best friend to the Supreme Court, persons must see that as a NASTY attack against the people of this country! Or as Rodney Moncur said, “DAS RAPE”!

Hubert Ingraham should be SHAME OF HIMSELF! Here’s a moment he should hang hiss head down in DUTTY SHAME! But we know, he has NO SHAME.

Boy The Bahamas is moving from failure to a level of ‘DUTTY’ failure!



  1. @Omar Smith
    Thank you Omar, I am just reading where you responded to my comment and it really made me happy to know you were able to appreciate what I had to say and you are willing to share it with your daughter. I really hope she would be able to appreciate it as well. Omar, I am always here learning so much from this site and all the other bloggers and whenever somebody can find something meaningful or positive in what I have to say, I can’t express what that means to me.

  2. Aint long Aint long, the FNM is off the Track, The FNM sent the Country back…we tired of the shuffling and nothing happening in this town. Aint Long the FNM is off the track, Bahamians need their country back!! The FNM came with Fire and destroyed the Bahamas. They promised to come with Fire now! Good lord the country dun gone gone all we hear is… Read More moon and groon all hubert do is shuffle and borrow. We need a salution, we need a new government cuz this FNM is carryin us to shame Back to the FNM we went. Hubert is back. Good Lord Deliver us from the ravages of this Fire. Amen

  3. She is not very bright, trust me – I’ve worked with her at Bahamar. SHe was ONLY hired because the Izmirlians thought she had mucho political coonections….boy were they disappointed!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. Her work is filled with silly errors and she DOES NOT KNOW the law. I pity this country. Hubert Ingraham’ days are sooooo numbered.

  4. @Kim Sands
    Kim i LOVE what you stand for….I wish you were in a position to share that with many more young girls. My 19 year old daughter will be reading this. People like you have a great capacity to impact our community as a role model and a teacher. If you are not already, please find that opportunity, we will all be the better for it.

  5. It’s the in thing man. Sweetheart the right person and the sky is the limit. If God still used to rain down fire and brimstone, few would be left standing. Sorry for the men who come before her, they gon get more than they ever bargain for. Be warned-Prepare your appeal before your trial.

  6. I know what it means to be on a job working so hard and going the extra mile and still can’t get the recognition or the pay increase that you deserve, unless you are sweethearting or sleeping around with somebody. When I used to work in these corporate firms, they would used me to train all the new employees and then when I look I used to see all the Johnny come lately going out to lunch with the boss and before I know it they would be moving up the corporate ladder very quickly. I had plenty opportunities when I could have used my body to move ahead, but I refuse to do it. I know if I did it, that person who was giving me the position would no longer have the respect they used to have for me and worse of all I don’t think I would have been able to respect ME. How am I supposed to feel being promoted to a position that I know I had to sacrifice my body for? When I had first entered the job market, My mother told me, “sweet cakes you going out there in the real world now, all you have is your name and your reputation and once you done damage it, that’s it. Let me just tell you when you get in these offices keep your legs closed and do your work. You have some men out there that will prey on young girls like you, they see you are young and your green and they will promise you positions and all kinds of things to get you to unlock your legs, but keep them lock..” The old lady sure knew what she was talking about and I am very grateful she took the time to tell me these things, because a lot of that is be happening around plenty of these companies. When I was a little girl plenty things I wanted she didn’t give it to me, either she couldn’t afford it or she just did not see the need for me to have it, but for the many lessons she has taught me, it has helped me to avoid some serious situation., I don’t believe I would ever be able to repay her even if I was to make an effort. As I get older I began to see everything she was warning me about crystal clear. I don’t think nobody over the age of 28 should still be falling for these tricks. I just feel you should be older and wiser now and you suppose to be preparing your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or other young people to handle situation such as these. It’s a shame to see some older people still practicing foolishness.

  7. This is toooo much for my eyes and ears!!! This is called Ingraham’s Justice!!

    When I was fighting against his return, people thought that I was crazy but now we all can see just who is the crazy one… HI did not want to come back which is why they should have left him alone!! He was brought back for a purpose and he is throwing in some bonuses for those persons who helped his return.. We the voters can collect the scrapings from the rich men tables!!

    Does anyone remember how HI always used to beat up on PC for always talking about jobs and 100% employment.. HI used to say that PC should be focusing on making more persons owners rather than always talking about jobs all the time… Well we hardly can find any jobs now and many of the persons who were owners now own NOTHING!!! Thanks to HI and his govt’s policies!!

    If you are HI’s friend or friend of a friend, you straight but God help ya if you aint know anyone close to HI!!! God help us all!!

  8. well if yenna ga get inta dis kinna talkkin ve miceswell spill da hole beans. Ingram and he frienz dem onnie is sweethart galz who perfect riddin it good or who could give a gud head (super head) one a Ingram sweetharts suck he lil pippie so gud one night he send da gal ma straight ta GUVMAN HILL….


  9. This is a NASTY hit piece, and unlike the Right Wing Town Hallers, this piece is not based on ignorance. Medie, BP, you know that the appointment of Justices has nothing to do with Hubert or Boogaloo, but with the Chief Justice and the Legal Services Commission. I demand an apology and retraction, or else!

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