Wutless pah neglected his responsibilities to take care of his son who drowned last week Tuesday…


Mother in jail and made a criminal after fighting to survive as a single mother. Meanwhile the wutless pah on TV taking interviews – what is dis?!

Wutless Pah Garodo Taylor Sr takes interview on his son’s drowning death

NASSAU| Da damn worthless pah Garodo Taylor Sr who came on TV this week to discuss the drowning of his son told the press he didn’t know it was his son cause media didn’t say his name. Well wait!

He said he separated from the home three years ago and he is not to blame because the child lived with his mother. (wutless pah).

Police said Gerodo Taylor Jr., 11, drowned in a pond on the grounds of the Oakes Field Sports Centre Golf Academy in Yellow Elder Gardens last Tuesday.

The child’s mother Stephanie Hanna, who has several children, was charged with the ordeal. She plead not guilty on child neglect charges and was left with a $7,000 bail. Well wait!

But da Wutless pah came on TV to say he didn’t know anything. WUTLESS Pah!

Boy I tell ya! We ga report yinner decide!