Ya been had, hoodwinked, took, bamboozled, RUN amok and LIED TO – Did Papa Lie to HO JO?


Papa Clown is losing his cool before he should call an election. Another FNM may drop out of the race in South Eleuthera.

Reports of Ho Jo being sack resurfaced

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press could soon be announced throughout the country by the FNM.

BP sources deep in the belly of the FNM have confirmed to our team that consideration is being given to possibly dumping the South and Central Eleuthera candidate, Howard Johnson.

A high-ranking member of the FNM apparatchik stationed at the Party’s command centre confirmed as much late tonight.

We are being told Johnson, who, according to PLP candidate Damian Gomez, is not qualified to contest the seat, may be dropped by the FNM soon and will be replaced by Boston Morley, a former administrator for Rock Sound.

Attempts to reach Johnson, who is tonight in New Providence, were unsuccessful. However, according to our source, Morley has always been interested in the seat. The rumour has been confirmed by a close relative of Morley.

You would remember BP reported a story earlier this week which detailed the payment of $10,000 from NEMA to FNM candidate Johnson who has no business license nor is he registered with national insurance.

However, in a statement issued late tonight, NEMA denied our report.

Meanwhile, Johnson has gone underground, so deep under not even BP can find him tonight. Emily Petty is in Church and the residents on South and Central Eleuthera await the announcement.

All we at BP are saying tonight is this: Ya been had, hoodwinked, took, bamboozled, RUN amok and LIED TO, because in the FNM they know how to ditch young people – DEY DELIVER!!!

Boy, If you don’t laugh you ga cry!

We report yinner decide!