Young Junkanooers want Brian Adderley Gone as head of the Valley Boys leadership…


Christie warned Valley Boys Chairman to listen to the backline and return democracy and transparency to the 65 year old organization!

Former PM and free dancer Perry Christie and embattled Valley Boys Chairman Brian Adderley.

NASSAU| A Major Breaking report will be posted on Bahamas Press at 12:01am Sunday this coming morning as young junkanooers call for elections and the removal of Chairman Brian Adderley as Chairman of the Valley Boys!

The group has suffered defeat after defeat over the years and recently has announced to not return to Bay Street before the pandemic.

Former PM Perry Christie, who is the longest serving dancer, and a senior member of he group, has gotten involved as young members demands democracy to return to the organization!

A stern warning on these developments has come to Chairman Brian Adderley by the former PM. Adderley pleaded with Christie not to “get in this…” and that was when the telephone conversation abruptly ended!

Bahamas Press will lay out the case in this hot investigative piece as we report live from a “pissy” Claridge Road Shack!

Standby ….dis one ga be hot!!!

We ga report and yinner decide!

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