Young man gunned down in Gamble Heights this past week! He becomes homicide victim #90

Young Romeo Lynes jr is homicide victim #90.

BP BREAKING| Romeo Lynes Jr just 16-years-old is the country’s 90th homicide victim. Around 3:00pm yesterday afternoon in the Gamble Heights community off Baillou Hill Road.

He was gunned down suffering a fatal gunshot injury to the head.

His father the late Romeo Lynes Sr was shot dead similarly back in 2016.

Police must speak to this level of gun violence now engulfing the Bahamas since Hurricane Dorian.

Some 6 persons were murdered last week and for the record some 11 persons shot! BUT THEY SAY CRIME IS DOWN?

The violence has turned the once bussling Potter’s Cay Dock weekend spot into a quiet cemetery where little to no business is happening.

Why all this murder? How we got all these guns on the streets and the Bahamas do not manufacture them?

With a $1.9 million Shotspotter system, and yet, we can’t find one gunman loose on the streets! What a waste!