Young mother ALEITHEIA Newbold is victim in that Long Island crash…

Aleitheia Newbold.

DEADMANS CAY, Long Island| One woman has died in that plane crash on Long Island this morning.

ALEITHEIA Newbold we are learning is the victim and she isna young mother.

The flight which was headed for New Providence crashed just two miles from takeoff.

Seven persons were onboard. One died and three of those survivors were airlifted into the capital.

Public Works Minister Hon. Alfred Sears and his wife Marion Bethel are awaiting the arrival of their daughter Nia Bethel-Sears. She was alsobon that plane driven by brad McPhee and sustained injuries in that crash this morning.

US Coast Guard has transported three injured victims to New Providence.

We report yinner decide!

SCENES following that crash on Long Island this morning.