Young troubled woman commits suicide on the Podlewski Ward at Sandilands over the weekend…

file photo

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting another suicide incident in the country and with all the channels of communication in the country not one agency reported the incident.

BP is learning a troubled 40-something-year-old woman committed suicide on the Podlewski Ward at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

The woman had been admitted to the ward after experiencing serious and dangerous metal distress over her lost income.

She tied multiple sheets from the beds to herself and was found swinging from the manhole on the ward by the aide worker on the ward. 

Serious questions from the family are now being advanced and questions surrounding the death are slowly surfacing. The PHA has yet to report the incident and, well, life continues in the 242.

BP wonders if the police were called to thoroughly investigate this latest death. Why is it all quiet? It is Thursday morning and the incident occurred over the weekend and everything hush-hush? WELL, WHAT IS THIS? Yinner see why they hate BP?!

The victim was taken down and transported to PMH for medical assistance however, with a low pulse died in transport. The family needs answers!

We report yinner decide!